Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spasmodic Activity


Another beautiful morning at the GridIron greeted 7 of the Faithful.  The Shovel Flag was planted, and the PAX got to work in a contracted AO of about 75 yards for a freestyle ground and pound.

The Thang:

10x Burpees – regular OYO
25x SSHs
25x DQs
25x Air Squats
25x Mountain Climbers
25x Knee Tuck Jumps OYO

10x Burpees – Knee Tuck Jump variation OYO
2 sets of 25x Partner Leg Toss
25x Dead Cockroaches
Back Arch hold
2 sets of 25x Partner Leg Toss

10x Burpees – Plank Jack variation OYO
25x Air Squats with ISO hold with arm rotations
2 sets of 25x Partner Leg Toss
Protractor Penmanship – ALL CAPS
25x Russian Twists
2 sets of 25x Partner Leg Toss
Protractor Penmanship – lower case
Protractor Penmanship – ALL CAPS

10x Burpees – Broad Jump variation OYO
Planks – Hands to Elbows to Hands to Merkin ISO

10x Burpees – 180 Jump variation OYO
A little more than 6 Minutes of Mary – 25x Rosalitas, 25x LBCs, 25x Freddy Mercurys, 25x LBCs, 2x Supermans, 25x Flutter Kicks, and 25x Hello Dollys
25x Carolina Dry Docks
Lunge Walk

10x Burpees – regular OYO

Tabata Dips


Number-o-rama Burpee free-will style; Name-o-rama with a triple Hate and a double Respect; announcements and prayer concerns, spoke and unspoken.

September 19 — the Pax are eagerly looking forward to the Convergence at GridIron on September 19 at normal 0700; DoubleDippers are DogPiling under Toga Q at the GridIron at 0600; the lesser Redwoods will pregame GridIron at 0640 for another look at Old Testament leadership lessons.

Take out prayer of gratitude, expressions of humility, and appeal for guidance.


Great to have PigSkin back at the GridIron – he’d like to take back to the Queen City the uncommonly pleasant August weather that F3 Richmond has enjoyed.  He also pointed out the “audit trail” we left in the dew of the WildCat GridIron – the impressions are countable and the length of the broad jump portion of the Burpees was rather humbling.  Duly noted – we look forward to your next visit and keeping us accountable!

The Russian Twist under J’ville’s guardianship continues to entertain the Pax – once he realized that his pop was not suffering a seizure and speaking in tongues, Jolly Rancher broke out in uproarious laughter that broke YHC (and others?) mid-twist.  Feba.

Nice to have Chum Bucket for the full 60 instead of the 30 that his normal DoubleDip permits; Flip Phone consistently swallowing the RedPill (that may mean a 5 mph pace up the Priest – ouch!); and Groh plans to adopt this morning’s workout for his SUP during his vacation at the Rivah!

The Gloucester B-Boys had a nice showing during the closing Burpee free-will style that was incorporated into the Number-o-rama – the Pax have under consideration whether CB’s Burpee variation (unnamed, appropriately so) topped his comrade’s Burpee break dance finish.  Who knows what Oyster may have brought …

Coffeteria at the Daily Grind.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 NIV


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  1. I am bummed I missed a serious beat down! I will get back to a consistent double dip schedule! Nice job fellas.

  2. The visual if J’ville speaking in tongues and having a seizure during Russian Twists is the PERFECT way to start a Sunday! On vacation but looking forward to dragging Wilson back out there for the DD.