Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Face Jacks at the Dogpile


9 of the faithful gathered on a beautiful, fall day to play around at the #Dogpile.


Make a loop around the field and then:

COP:  25x SSH, 25x LBCs, 25x Imperial Walkers, 20x Freddy Mercuries, 12x Merkins, 5x Face Jacks (new exercise, see below)

Mosey to amphitheater for decline plank-o-rama.  Plank facing stage with feet on steps behind.  Move right, left, down, up, or turn180 on Q’s command.

Incline Merkin ladder— start at stage and go from 1 to 15x and back down to 1, ascending one step each time up to 15 and then descending a step back to 1.

Jacob’s ladder—run up and down stone steps.  At top, do 1 Face Jack, repeat up to 7.

Head down trail at the base of the stairs to the narrow wood bridge the site of: (A) 3 sets of 10 wide grip dips on the bridge rails, and (B) Parallel bar style walking with hand across the bridge rails.

Mosey to the pump house.  Run up hill to pipe, run up pipe and down trail to the pullup bars.  8x pullups, and 16x down under pullups, each exercise twice.

Mosey back to flag:



YHC’s gimpy calf prevented a typically Sippy Cup hill-style workout today, so he opted for less running and more upper body/core work, stealing some workout ideas from BT and DK.  Fortunately the calf loosened up a bit during the workout and is feeling somewhat better tonight, but is still quite sore from Friday’s beatdown trying to stick with Marv and Saab.

Face Jacks—these are similar to plank jacks, except you move both your arms and legs back and forth in the plank position, just like you are doing a SSH except parallel to the ground.  We found these to be tough, as each time you basically have to jump up off the ground like an insect while you move your feet and hands into their new position.  Kudos to Wilson whose long frame required extra side-to-side movement, and who, unlike Fudd, kept his six low to the ground for each rep.  Unfortunately Conspiracy was not around to compliment his form.  Post-workout YHC thought Face Jack was a good name as there were comments about the risk for face plants after each rep.  I’d like to see TYA try these!

Welcome to FNG Lyndon (Iditarod) who was quite impressive on the pullup bar—I think he ended up doing 4 sets in the time it took the rest of us to do two.  YHC asked him later how many pullups he could do—his max is 33!!!! Seriously strong dude!   He got his name as he is serving in the military and is about to be posted in Fairbanks for the next 3 years.  Wilson invited him as his mom cuts Wilson’s hair.

As always, it was great to see both Aisle 5 and Blood test who are now becoming regular Dogpile Pax.  And, Viral was back too, after an extended summer hiatus.  Good work to day Fella’s.


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  1. Good Q Sippy, another beatdown where I thought there would be more running and less arms and now tomorrow I won’t be able to lift my arms at all.

  2. Incline merkin ladder…YES! Looks like a serious upper body beat down. Face jacks sound treacherous. Good work, boys!