Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Self-Replicating FNGs and a Q on the Fly


Twenty redwoods, and two FNGs, came out to a very humid #45MinutesOfMary to strengthen their bodies and clear their minds.  YHC took the Q, tossing out a winkie which had been carefully crafted for a somewhat smaller group, and electing to improvise instead.  This is how it went down, more or less:


Near Shovel Flag — ssh x 30, lbc x 30, merkin x 15, don quiote x 25, hillbillies x 25

Mosey to bus loop area —
chiabatta alternating between box jumps and jump squats
chiabatta alternating between standing MCs and MCs
ascending / descending curb crawls (1 to 5, 5 to 1)

Mosey to back of school between it and blacktop —
triple nickel in teams of 3, rotating through between (i) people’s chair, (ii) plank, and (iii) run to tennis court, do 3 burpees, return.  5 reps.

Mosey to west side of school —
chiabatta alternating between dips and large flutter kicks
partner leg tosses (a.k.a. pole smokers) x 25
Alabama prom date — both legs x 10, single legs x 10 each.



It was great to see big numbers attend this morning’s #45MOM bootcamp. Bleeder performed a headlock on FNG Material Girl in Starbucks.  In turn, Material Girl dragged FNG Cervix along.  We are glad you guys decided to give F3 a try, and we hope come back (and bring friends).  If you were not satisfied, then we will be glad to refund your initiation fee upon written request.

YHC is looking forward to cool autumn temperatures.  It is a great time to grow F3Richmond, and YHC would encourage everyone to target one man per week to get him out to try F3.  More numbers will allow us to plant new workouts (maybe in your neighborhood) and expand F3Richmond’s impact and fellowship.

Toga was kind enough to observe that the large flutter kicks are easier than the small ones.  YHC regrets nerfing flutter kicks and will not let that happen again.

Great workout this morning!


– LugNut has Q for #RAMM tomorrow at 0530.  All speeds are welcome and encouraged to attend.
– SippyCup has Q for #DogPile Saturday 0600.  Earthworm has Q for #GridIron Saturnday 0700.
– TYA is organizing Sunday’s trail run.  Since we took a field trip last week deep into the heart of Chesterfield County, I am sure it will be back to Pump House.
– Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th.  This is a great opportunity to bring in some like-minded FNGs.  Talk to Honey Do if you are up for the challenge.  Preblast posted a few weeks back.  Check it out here Red Light and Blue.



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  1. That was the fastest set of LBCs in F3RVA history during the initial COP…Johnsonville kicked the cadence into high gear.
    Great workout. I’m beat.
    Also, watch out for low hanging branches @ 45MoM! Ouch.

  2. That was a solid Q and a great crowd. The tomatoes were likely a bit concerned when our mob ran by them. Fudd speaking to them didn’t help.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the workout Jville. Welcome to Material Girl and Cervix. Keep recruiting

  4. Nice Job Jville! Cold winter Temps will return soon enough, I’ll take the heat for now. Welcome MG and Cervix!

  5. Great Workout today! Great Q J-ville. However, I think the Caddyshack spelling is “Czervik”.

  6. The Jackrabbit LBC’s were a nice tone-setter. Nice Q! Wilson, are you getting a kickback for every time someone downloads the F3 app?! And I think Lockjaw is right about Czervik, but it shows strong character to own Cervix!