Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PAX makes Shaq look good….


The PAX was 11 strong moseying into the gloom on a beautiful and slightly damp morning.

Mosey to the trailers
25 X Imperial Walkers
20 x Jumper Squats
21 x Crab Cakes
30 x LBC’s
Mosey to the football field
10 Minutes of Burpees
On the track
Wallanaka track exercise
Split into 3 groups
Run to group and do the appointed exercise until PAX returns
Rinse and Repeat x2
flutter kick
mosey to basketball court
Old School hoops practice
Defensive slides x 3
Inchworm suicide
1 full suicide per missed free throw 6x
Mosey to the parking lot

Impressive turnout this morning from all sides of the river.

Props to Ricky Bobby for choosing 10 burpees a minute on the 10 Minutes of Burpees exercise. I’m not sure he completely understood what he was committing to but got very very close to doing all 100. Well done.

BT won the Dukes of Hazzard award sliding in at 5:29:50. I’m betting there’s a Hazzard County in Tennessee as well.

TYA beat the bell by 1 minute. Oh so close but right on time. What if he had been late, Conspiracy has several suggestions I’m sure.

YHC was quite impressed with the lack of free throw shooting abilities. Hoping for one or two extra suicides would have been appropriate for today’s workout, 6 extra suicides pretty much did me in. Surveys show all those who did not shoot would have made it.

Gene Pool and Bonzo explained that suicides are now called Cupcakes. It is interesting to note that Bleeder used his marketing skills much more effectively today promoting the Bake sale, at Parham Rd Exxon (807 E. Parham Road) Friday 11 a.m., evidently its all about the cupcake.

Have a good one!


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Lug, thx for the beatdown. Never want to do ten minutes of burpees again. Also, I want another crack with the basketball

  2. I bet Shaq has never done a burpee in his life, much less 10 minutes of them.

    Thanks for the throwback hoops workout. Nice Q Lug Nut

  3. Well said, Splinter. Shaq has NEVER done a burpee. It felt like I was shooting a medicine ball. Nice Q, Lugnut.