Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where were the Squeegees?


Fourteen strong posted south of the river for a lively beatdown at No Toll.  Weather was a comfortable 72 degrees, 100% humidity and heavy downpours throughout the workout.

Tennis Court Squeegee

The Thang

Quick warmup on the basketball courts.  Air Jordan layups; 4 right hand, 4 left hand.  Mosey to back parking lot for COP.  25xSSH.  20xDon Quixotes (10 slow, 10 fast).  15xImperial Squat Walkers.  Mosey to first set of tennis courts.

Commence Arther Ashe 5 Setter.  Line up on sideline and complete suicide, touching each doubles alley and stopping at the sideline after each leg for an exercise.  Progressively increase exercise count from 15/30/40 with each leg.  Sets included:

Set 1:  merkins/mountain climbers/LBCs
Set 2:  shoulder tap merkins/prisoner squats/freddy mercuries
Break:  suicide
Set 3:  hand release merkins/lunges/WW2 sit up
Set 4:  carolina dry docks/squat jumps/russian twist
Break:  karaoke suicide
Set 5:  werkin, donkey kicks, flutter kicks

Mosey to back parking lot for curb-a-licious.  Grab a curb and complete clock merkins.  10 at each position on the clock (12/3/6/9).  20 curb jumps.  20 monkey humpers.  3-lap, 2-line indian run around the parking lot.

Circle up for 4MOM.  20 candlestick bicycles.  20 box cutters.  2 sets of superman followed by a 6 count.  Mosey back to flag.


This is the first AO in quite a while that actually felt like the #gloom.  YHC arrived early to check on the status of the fields and decided to audible to no grass workout today.  Those fields are in too nice a shape for the 14 of us to go out and destroy them.  Bleeder commented that it’s fun to play in the rain as long as it isn’t 40 degrees, couldn’t agree more.

YHC isn’t quite sure how to describe the first sets of ab exercises in the puddles on the tennis court.  The juvenile nature of my humor quickly came out as the PAX proceeded to complete ab exercises on their backs in a soaking wet shirt.  If anyone was passing by for a morning walk in the rain they surely would have believed the tennis courts had turned into a bog with a bunch of bull frogs clearing their throat, 40 times.  It didn’t get old throughout the 5 set match.

At one point during curb-a-licious YHC though Shooter tossed his cookies.  Fairly confident that he was simply ringing out his shirt.  Confirmation requested.

Thanks to Jville for the MOM suggestions at the end.  YHC’s improv was clean out of ideas.

Welcome Herbie (FNG) to the PAX; that’s some serious dedication to show up at your first F3 workout in the middle of a downpour.  Hope to see you back soon.


– Wednesday evening hill run 5:30PM @ Cary & Hillcrest.
– Sunday trail run will be at Pocahontas Park.  10k cross country loop that will be run twice.  Meet at Martins at Stony Point at 6:30 to clown car to Chester.  Let Jville know if you plan on joining his clown car.
– Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th.  Bleeder is enthusiastically [sic]marketing the event.  Preblast posted a few weeks back.  Check it out here Red Light and Blue.
– 2nd F planned for next Wednesday evening.  Details to follow.

Splinter out.



  1. That looked like a difficult workout today. Little disappointed you chose not to roll around in the sewage fields! Oh well. Maybe JVille will make the PAX get really dirty…….wait, he already did!

  2. Hey — wasn’t The Scream more LIFO than me! Either way, I enjoyed the gloom. Great Q!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q splinter! Enjoyed playing tennis in the rain. That definately ranks as the wettest tichmond workout yet! Donkey kicks may be as hard as burpees!!!