Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“Is this really August?” Trail Run


Nine of the faithful convened at the Pumphouse Parking Lot near the banks of the James River in Richmond for an early Sunday trail run.  The weather was a perfect 68 degrees F (the average August temperature in Richmond being more like 98 degrees F, day or night).

Bleeder had started about 15 minutes ahead of the PAX.  The PAX pursued Bleeder running east along the Northbank Trail and crossing the footbridge to Belle Isle.  The PAX then diverted clockwise around Bell Isle, taking the loop through the easternmost woods.  The PAX crossed the “drawbridge of death” onto the south bank of the James River and proceeded west along the Buttermilk Trail.  Finally, the PAX crossed north on the Boulevard bridge and returned to the parking lot, having completed over 7 miles of technical, single-track running.

Toga managed to run Bleeder down.  The rest of us did not.  Saab and Trophy looped back many times to stay with the slower runners.

A COT was held sans Toga and Bleeder, who had to depart promptly for appropriate Sunday activities.  Oyster added another 5 miles on the adjacent Dogwood Dell trails (Way to go, Oyster).  YHC proceeded around the entire loop again.

F3Richmond continues to grow stronger and faster.  Months ago, many scowled at the idea of running these trails.  Now they are starting to run (and smell) like a bunch of mountain goats.

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