Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome Mr. Pete Rose


7 strong and eager rolled into the south side of Richmond today to play some ball.  Here is how it went down

The Thang:

Mosey to front of school for COP.  20x Don Quixote (Thank BT), 20x Through the Tunnel, 20x Side Straddle Hops, 35x LBC, 20x something else.  Mosey to side of school at bus drop off.  Curb crawls, escalate up to 10, repeat 10 and then back down to one.  If you finish early take laps around the front circle of school.  Mosey to baseball diamond for the PETE ROSE.  9 rounds of exercises and running bases.  9 random exercises on playing cards(burpees, box cutters, travoltas, squat jumps, slow squats, LBC, Merkins, Werkins, and Carilina Dry docks), 9 hit cards (single, double, triple, home run and foul ball).  If single 25x exercise, run to first 25x exercise, run back to home plate. Double is 20 reps, triple is 15, HR is 10 and foul ball is 5.  When foul ball is hit, run to deep center field. On the way back, run sideways, jumping, just like Carlton Fisk.

Naked Moleskin

We were at the end of the baseball game, running out of time when the Dealers choice card came out.  Lug Nut threw us a much needed softball, calling LBC’s as his choice.  Thankfully he hooked us up as burpees were the second to last exercise pulled.

Splinter and BT were very close to a LIFO today.  BT was late because he remembered that he forgot his gloves about 5 minutes from his house and temporarily turned around.  DK helped BT by sharing one glove with BT for the curb crawls. Not sure if abusing just one hand on the pavement helps or not…let us know DK and BT.


Hill run tonite at 530 p starting at intersection of Cary and Hillcrest.  Forecast is 70 and sunny, so come on by and give yourself a nice leisurely run

Sunday runs being added to schedule.  Name suggestions are welcomed…


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  1. I want to thank Lugnut for keeping it real this morning. When I asked him if this gets any easier his response was “NO – you get to just do more.” At least I know what I’m up against. TYA – great workout. Thanks. Aisle 5.

  2. Great workout, TYA. Anything baseball related is good;) As for the glove situation: turns out, gloves work pretty well. My non-gloved hand looks like I drug it behind the car on the interstate on the way home, while my gloved-hand looks as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt. DK, my left hand will give you a high five tomorrow. Many thanks.