Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

VCU Dominates Hillcrest Invitational… Sponsored by…


12 Faithful posted this morning at the Top of Hillcrest


Ran continuous loops of Hillcrest until the appointed time of 0615.

Marv took us out in the COT


YHC arrived early to leave his car at the normal starting point for the run with a sign for directions to Hillcrest, Aisle 5 and Wilson were kind enough to drive me there.

In prep for the BRR, a hill workout was needed. TYA suggested that we modify the run to accommodate just that. Last Wednesday afternoon’s hill workout was so much fun, why not try on a friday morning in the Gloom. Toga commented as we descended the first hill, ” a light would have been a good idea.”

The Iron Gates, towards the top of Hillcrest, gave each runner the subtle reminder that the hill was not yet over. The gates seemed further up the hill with each revolution past the Robin Masters estate. Although YHC never saw Magnum pull the Ferrari out of the driveway, probably too early to the Private investigator.

Wild life on Hillcrest was active this morning, between the Deer, and the Owl. Who YHC could plainly hear asking the same question over and over.

Sippy and Marv passed YHC early on, both looking very strong going up the hill. YHC is certain that Sippy did twice as many loops as YHC. Way to Dominate the hills MARV & SiPPY! Representing VCU in awesome fashion this morning!

When YHC asked MARV to take us out in the COT, he did such a good job, YHC thought he was going to end with This Prayer was Sponsored by Woodfin.

Post Workout

TYA and YHC caught up with Oyster at Ellewood’s. The conversation ensued that there continues to be a ongoing trash can debacle at this store, TYA pointed out that they have moved the trash/recycling away from the front door, Now there are four trash cans within 6 feet of each other by the other entry way. Apparently, TYA was the forth person to point out the issue this morning to the manager on duty. On further discussion with the manager, She requested that YHC fill out a comment card. Several of the employees of the store had made statements to YHC that having the trash cans in the improper location is making there job almost unmanageable, because as a result of the Trash cans are no longer being utilized correctly, and only one can is actually being used, therefore causing trash can overuse, Which we all know is becoming an epidemic in this country and in some cases can cause blindness. They are having to empty one can six-seven times a day versus the prior 1-2 times. YHC politely suggested that they contact Magnum PI to investigate this travesty, as we had run by the Robin Masters Estate several times earlier this morning, and clearly Magnum must be looking for additional work if he able to sleep in past 0530,(unless he was on an all night stake out with a fellow unnamed F3er, who can’t say why he is consistently late – oops sorry Conspiracy) This problem must be rectified before more damage is done.

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  1. Ok, so who famous lives on that loop other than TYA? Tough, but still glad I got up when I did. Nice Q!

  2. I fear we should have been doing this more often to prep for the BRR. Oh well.., it’s never too late.., right?

  3. Döner Kebab on

    I slept right through my alarm this morning…guess I needed it. Still, was sad to miss the hills. Good work, gents.

  4. Great job guys, that was tough. There were moments when I fully expected to see a neighbor come walking past me as I “jogged” up the hill.

  5. It was tough, but it is good prep for the race. Also, it is important for those BRR folks to work on running with headlamps, and this route will give us some good experience as the mornings get gloomier.

  6. I can add nothing more except that the hills are no joke. I had to stop to walk twice! Bring it tomorrow, Wilson!

  7. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Bizarre, but I enjoyed the run. Will have to do this route again… Thanks bleeder. Sippy, great suggestion on headlamps, I’ll bring some next time,

  8. Easy, TYA. I thought the headlamps made you dizzy, something about flashbacks to the war. Anyway, just bring some Dramamine too;)