Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are…


Aye, 3 PAX worked out, while the others played hide-and-seek.  YHC pushed on with the beatdown as planned.  Today’s goal was to keep the heart rate elevated the entire workout, and get some upper body in as well.

Loop around the soccer fields and a loop of the neighborhood (about .86 miles).

Back to the shovel flag for:
20 SSH
20 Mountain Climbers
30 Arm Circles (small and large)

Mosey over to the “track”.  11’s with pull-ups and 4-count derkins.  200m run between each exercise for a total of about 2.5 miles of hard running, with a total of 55 pull-ups and about 110 single derkins.

Mosey over to the soccer field, where YHC had setup some markers for plyometric drills, which help increase speed.  While YHC should have used a ladder, all that was available were markers.  So, here’s how it went:

  • 2-feet forward in every box (4 boxes), then bunny hop 2 boxes, and sprint to the tennis ball that was launched by your partner.
  • 2-feet left in every box (4 boxes), 2 bunny hops, and sprint to the tennis ball
  • 2-feel right in every box (4 boxes), 2 bunny hops, and sprint to the tennis ball.

By this time, the rest of the PAX came out of hiding.  We joined for the COT.

That’s how she went.  Sorry the PAX missed it, but YHC was glad that he was able to help at least 2 guys get stronger and faster.  Ricky Bobby is getting stronger by the day.  And Sippy Cup keeps pushing the envelope.  Remember when he could barely do a pull-up?  He’s looking strong now!


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Conspiracy failed to mention that he arrived after 5:30…on his day to Q…so the rest of us (11 total) took off on time. I’m sure TYA’s back blast is forthcoming.