Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45 MOM Start Time 05:30


11 Strong and eager PAX arrived at or before the appointed workout time today for a beatdown.  Weather was temperate, but rather muggy.  Despite the humidity, the PAX forged forward and attacked the workout.

The Thang:

Started the workout at 05:30:45, a little bit late, but still in the appointed minute.  Mosey to Reveille Church on Cary Street.   Warm up COP 20x SSH, 20x Don Quixote, 15x Slow cadence, full motion Merkins, 20x crab cakes, 35x LBC.  Mosey to back of church to picnic building.  Triple check.  Break into teams of three, first person on the wall for people’s touchdown chair, second person John Travolta’s, third person run a lap in the parking lot.  Repeat x 3.  Mosey to front of church for a little taste of the world over the pond – BBC (Burpees, Bearcrawls, and Crabwalks).  Start at tree line, bear crawl to walk way, run to end of lawn, backward run back to walk way, crabwalk bat to tree line and do five burpees.  Do 4 rounds, increasing burpees by 5 each time around.  Mosey back to shovel flag for 3 minutes of mary, LBC waiting for the 6.  Dealers choice for exercises 11x something (cant remember first one) 12x Russian Twists, 13x Hello Dolly and 14x Flutter kicks.


Just to make sure, I rechecked the schedule before posting this backblast and the scheduled time for the workout is indeed 05:30 according to the official F3 website.  Not 05:31, not 05:32, but 05:30!  That is 05:30 EDT as measured by the official world clock in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich (Yes, I know there is a difference between GMT and universal time, but they are now considered to mean the same thing).  Before we started, we checked several watches and phones of people in the PAX.  The Iphone is synched up with the GMT so it is pretty accurate.  Iphone said it was 05:30:45 when we started, so we officially started late.   My apologies.

Much competition during the triple check to make it fastest around the loop during the run.  There were some epic battles between many of the PAX including DK, Splinter, Fudd, Bleeder, and others.  A little friendly competition spurred the PAX on to faster lap times.

The new BBC exercise was a killer for YHC.  As BT pointed out, burpees seem doable when you are doing the first few, but then after 4 or 5 they become unbearable.  That in combination with bear craws, sprints, backwards runs and crab walks was down right nasty.  I guess that means that the BBC will have to be used over and over again to make us stronger and faster!

At the end of our workout we met up with Conspiracy, Ricky Bobby and Sippy Cup.  Bummer we did not get to work out together today gents.  We missed your company and pushing us to new levels of fitness and form.


DK is getting all of our IT needs straightened out.  Let him know if your permissions etc are correct.  Also, we would like to get emergency contact information on everyone, just in case.

Run tomorrow.  Hillcrest and Cary.  TYA will be at Mary Munford at 525 for anyone who needs a ride over or directions.

Have a great day!



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great work gentlemen. All are getting stronger and faster everyday. I am continuously inspired by how hard you work out there!

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Amazing what the new places one can find just on foot in a 45 minute workout. Thanks for the field trip TYA.