Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Duty and the Beast


7 faithful posted for a Monday workout at the PunisherRVA.

The thang:

COP – 20 count imperial walker, 20 count don quixote, 20 count freddie mercury, 25 count side straddle hop

The beast – tree near parking lot to sidewalk  – exercises chosen by PAX – 1) burpee (Singer), 2) eight point burpee (conspiracy), 3) deep knee bends (Bleeder), 4) 4 count flutter kicks (Chum), 5) john travoltas (TYA), 6) LBCs (Grizzly).

mosey to picnic tables – Lindsays – dips and little baby flutter crunches

mosey to edge of school – triple nickel – balls to the wall dry docks, run around shovel flag and back to the wall, 5 times through.


YHC hadn’t run into the beast lately, noting Toga’s moleskin from Saturday’s backblast of returning to the basics. Thanks to Conspiracy for ever keeping the PAX pushing their limits with the eight point burpee (sorry I’ve forgotten the actual name but its basically an extended burpee) after the initial burpee Beast exercise. YHC had flashbacks of Wilson’s attempt at the complete burpee beast but continued allowing the PAX to choose. Bleeder opted out of the burpee continuance and all faith was restored in YHC’s ability to kick a kickball properly this evening.

The triple nickel was only a double nickel as time was running out, and YHC forgot to include the other exercise.

Normal workouts this week, couple BRR added mid-week, TYA will confirm timing once he checks the weather channel.




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  1. Sounds like you had a good Q! I think they are Military burpees that conspiracy likes! We keep mentioning the full beast of burpees. At some point It will become a reality! An epic time! I do have the Q this Wednesday……hmmmmm!