Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s Swirly?


11 fast and strong runners posted on a glorious Friday morning.  70 and sunny at the outset and at the finish

The Thang:

Monument Avenue Loops: 4, 5, and 6 mile options.  Commonwealth road to Monument, turn right on Monument.  4 mile turn is at Sheppard, 5 mile turn is at Strawberry, and 6 mile turn is at Allen Street.


Since YHC is a son of a history teacher I probably should know more about the monuments on Monument Ave.  When I declared the 6 mile turnaround as around a monument at Allen street it was pointed out that the monument was the Robert E. Lee statue.  My dad, as a historian and a civil war buff, would have been sorely disappointed that I have not recognized and honored each of the statues along our route.  This weekend, I shall take a bike ride down this road and drink in which glorious men we are recognizing.

After the run and appointed time came and went and everyone but Swirly arrived back at the shovel flag, YHC was starting to get more and more worried about Swirly.  Five or so minutes after Toga finished and reported that Swirly was right behind him, Swirly came running down the street (with Sippy as a companion).  Come to find out that Swirly got lost coming back to the shovel flag.  Given the complex set of directions and ONE turn on the entire route, I can see where one might get lost.  Next week Swirly will have a GPS and a homing beacon just in case the route directions are too challenging.

Context was the theme of the prayer at the end of the workout.  YHC shared a personal story about my health condition and pointed out that we are indeed the “lucky ones”  I am blessed with many things in life and live a relatively comfortable existence.  Too often, I focus on the negatives and the things I don’t have/need or the minor suffering I have to endure.  Given the country I live in, the friends and family I am blessed with and the relatively good health that I have….I need to look out at the context of the entire world and realize that things are pretty good for me.  Enjoy the day, seize this opportunity and enjoy the comforts that you have.


Dogpile and GridIron tomorrow morning: 6 and 7 am respectively

Run from the Pump House on Sunday at 7 am.  Several of us have discussed this and we will add this as a regular workout on our schedule (may tweak the time a bit).



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the companionship on the run this morning. Great to run with others and keep me motivated to get back to start. See you next week in the Gloom.

  2. Strong words, solid PAX and lots of fun. Thanks for leading! Re Swirly, what are we going to do with him on the BRR?

  3. Guess I deserve that TYA ……
    Thanks for your prayer this morning .
    Regarding the BRR – yes a GPS would be helpful 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was good all the way around. Swirly-I understand. You were amazed at all the history around and you got emotional and decided to venture off to discover new things – just like our founding fathers. Respect! See you gents in the am. Back to sitting and having my patience tested at Laguardia!