Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chiabattas and a Near Renaming of Consipiracy


Fourteen of the faithful posted in the midsummer humidity to improve themselves.  Johnsonville took Q, and this is how it went down:


ssh x 25
merk x 15
don quiote x 25
standing moutain climbers (2 count) x 15

Mosey to basketball courts
ciabatta (mountain climbers / thrusts)
ciabatta (1/2 court suicides)
ciabatta (bear crawl, merks x 2, crab walk back)

Mosey to near soccer field
ciabatta (lt. dans)
ciabatta (sprints laterally across field with burpees at ends)
ciabatta (lbcs / freddie mercs)

Mosey to pavilion
ciabatta (dips / merks)
ciabatta (scissors / dolly)
10 burpees OYO

Mosey back to SF



The Q managed to thoroughly smoke himself this morning (and maybe a few others).  Bleeder was kind enough to deliver the closing COT devotional, apparently recognizing that the Q was too mired in #gloom to string together a coherent sentence.  Thanks Bleeder!

Conspiracy was particularly vigilant this morning in helping most members of the PAX size up their shortcomings with respect to form.  Right out of the gate, he commented that the thrusts looked more like little baby bunny hops.  Later, he repeatedly asserted that legs were supposed to be STRAIGHT on scissor kicks, prompting a number of suggestions on what to rename Conspiracy. Most suggestions were along the lines of “self-absorbed” and “egomaniacal,” as I recall.

Facing overwhelming pressure to rename Conspiracy, the undersigned was prepared to decree it as such.  Conspiracy asserted, perhaps rightly, that since OBT had originally named him, OBT has exclusive renaming rights regardless of the nearly-unanimous desire of F3Richmond.  Bleeder, please consult with OBT to “start the ball rolling” on the renaming process.  I am sure OBT’s terms will be reasonable and, in any case, achievable.

The PAX was still reminiscing about wallowing in the foul smelling sludge at #Notoll two weeks before.  Ahh that smell… the price of lush green grass.

Welcome back Grizzly!  It was great to see you again.


PS:  The upcoming schedule looks like this —

Wed — #SourceOfTruth Wilson on Q (evening TYA may organize a run)
Thurs — #45MOM DK on Q
Fri — #RAMM TYA on Q
Sat — #DogPile Toga on Q  /  #GridIron Earthworm on Q

Reminder — We need someone to Q for #GridIron on Aug. 1 since Earthworm and I will both be out of town.






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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Not self-absorbed, rather self-congratulatory. That way when Conspiracy introduces himself he can say, “Hi, I’m Self-Congratulatory.”

  2. Solid workout JVille and thanks for not taking us to the field of overflowing septic tanks. I think Conspiracy likes his current name, so let’s make a deal. He shows up ON TIME and he gets to keep it. Thoughts?

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great suggestion Wilson. Enjoyed the workout today. Interesting how jville takes on a completely different personality when Qing?

  4. Great pairing of exercises today, J’ville. I’m sure this type of Q is not as fun to lead–lots of watch checking–but you did a great job. This was the hardest No Toll workout yet for me.

  5. That sounds like some good PT and solid mumblechatter. Re the renaming idea, I think everyone owns their names after a certain amount of time. It needs to be something really epic to get a rename. This sounds just like a normal workout with Conspiracy unless I’m missing some new level. Maybe taking Q a little more would make him feel better?

  6. Johnsonville on

    Wow… I am sore today. There is no way that Conspiracy will be able to show up on time, so that is probably not a fair way to resolve the situation. Getting him to take Q more is a good suggestion, particularly if we all resolve to give him lots of “feedback” regularly. I would love to see the Sisters come out soon.