Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Austrian Twist and then Downhill from there


8 Faithful appeared in the not so gloomy morning and 1 more arrived in the middle of the workout.


25x SSH
20x merkins
20x Imperial Walkers
30x LBC
20x Don Quicote
15x arm circle forward and back

Go to field in front of Carillon

High knees
Butt kicker

Back to Circle

10 minutes of Austrian Twist
Burpees jump 180 on curb Burpee

Run to Hill beyond the VITA Course

5 runs/ish hill climbs

Back to Amptiitheather


Dips and LBC’s

Head to bottom of love hill

Bear crawl and run partnering up

Then back to the shovel flag.

Swirly took us out with the COT.


Arriving at the AO the morning, Wilson and Swirly were present. Swirly had volunteered to Q when Loose Goose had to head out of town on to help with some family issue, (prayers go with you LG). I asked if I could takeover this AM, on my travels, I picked up a new exercise that I wanted to try out this morning, after a proper demo, Moaning from an unnamed PAX member ensued.( Fudd just because you were sick I made the decision to keep you unnamed-Oops) The Austrian Twist was part of a US ski team morning workout that YHC found useful and properly exhausting.

As we covered some territory this morning in the AO, YHC continued to pass the port-o-John’s, no one in the PAX apparently needed to use the facilities; but that did not stop the discussion of Fudd’s use during a previous dogpile workout. If the Discussion had continued, YHC would have suggested that the PAX vote to rename the AO to Fuddpile. Although, YHC is certain that the name change would have met with some constipative resistance from Lead AO Q Toga.

Good to see Obama(Lifoing big time) Although he and Pommel Horse headed out for a 6 mile loop after the Workout, Pommel Horse is from Richmond;however, he received his name at a Durham workout. Welcome to F3 RVA!

Strategically, YHC partnered with Sippy and Honey Dew, Thanks for some fast pace hill climbing! Wilson and Fudd partnered under Q’s orders, both had been ill this week, and YHC do not want to infect the rest of the PAX.


Run tomorrow meeting at the Pump House behind Dogwood dell at 7 am.

Order your Dogpile Shirt now before the name Change!


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  1. Great workout Bleeder! Who knew twisting up and down off the curb would be so tiring! #hatelovehill – message also sent from F3 app! Don’t have it yet? GET IT!

  2. Excellent job Bleeder – that workout really ramped itself up as it went …

  3. Good Q Bleeder. Thanks so much for the heartfelt welcome back to the PAX after my recent illness. With regards to a possible AO name change, I think you might need added inspiration. Don’t be surprised to see a “Fuddpile” in your front yard at some point in the not too distant future. 😉

  4. Well done fellas, and as usual excellent BB by Bleeder. I nominate Bleeder to be official BB columnist for every workout. Thanks for the prayers.