Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Instructions not Included


21 PAX strong posted for a crisp fall-like morning in the gloom.

The Thang:

25 SSH
30 LBCs
20 Don Quixote
25 imperial Walkers

The Main Thang:
– Curb Crawls with Derkins up to 6, repeat 6 and back down
– 4 line Indian Run from Grove to Cary
– 11s along the trees with Lt Dans & Burpees

Triple Check (3 Rounds)
Start at the fence facing Cary.
First Round Fence Squats/Plank/1 lap to the tree
Second Round: Fence Squats/Plank & Reverse Plank/2 laps to the tree
Third Round: Single Leg Fence Squats/Arm Raise Plank/1 lap to the tree

90 Seconds of Mary
Russian Twist all the way

Ok.  4 lines of Indian Runs was a little ambitious.  It got a little crowded as we worked our way down Commonwealth with a few of the PAX switching lines on accident.  YHC got a little excited with our numbers and decided to divide into 4.  Lesson learned.

YHC was impressed with the speed and cadence of 11s along the trees, especially the two of the regular’s daughters leading the group.  Job well done.

Everything ran fairly smoothly until the breakdown in instructions during Triple Check.  The confusion likely started when YHC instructed the PAX to “pair” up for triple check.  YHC has taken note and will bring handouts next time the instructions get past a 7 word description.

YHC had under-estimated the distance of the run from the fence to the trees but everyone did well.  Bleeder is a machine when it comes to sprints.  For the record, YHC beat Conspiracy on the last leg of triple check.  You know it Conspiracy.  Keep working on your form and you’ll get there.

Loose Goose has signed up to lead Dogpile on Saturday but may need to leave town.  He is requesting a backup just in case a sub is needed.  In case you were wondering TYAs extra spots in the Rugged Maniac are still available.  Bleeder leading RAMM mañana.

Thanks to the PAX for a great turnout.



  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q. Enjoyed the workout. Feedback taken, will wait until closer to rugged maniac to announce open slots!