Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Quivers and Drool


Five of the PAX, including a DoubleDipper, gathered at the GridIron in the rainy and refreshingly cool Gloom.  In light of the recent F3 RVA emphasis on running it seemed appropriate to audible to a ground and pound. So the PAX hit the dirt as follows:

The Thang:

COP (1st half):  Five six minute sets of x10 Burpees, Merkin ISOs with intervening regular and side planks, and core medleys (eg. x25 Dead Bugs, x50 LBCs, x25 Dead Bugs Erectus, x25 Alabama Prom Dates, etc.) with some random slow deep squats, deep squat ISOs, and Downward Dog based stretches adding flavor to the playbook.

Mosey over to Pillars for x25 SSHs, x25 Don Quixotes, and x25 Partner Leg Tosses.

COP (2nd half): Four six minute sets of x10 Burpees, Merkin ISOs with intervening regular and side planks, and core medleys (eg. x25 Dead Bugs, x50 LBCs, x25 Rosalitas, Protractor Penmanship, x25 Alabama Prom Dates, etc.) with some random x25 Carolina Dry Docks, Carolina Dry Dock ISO, Dips and Dips ISO, and Al Gores adding some change of pace to the ground game.

Lunge Walk and then mosey back to parking lot

COP (OT):  x5 Burpees – “wave” style; Merkin ISO finale


Announcements – (1) Earthworm and Johnsonville out of town August 1 – GridIron will need a Q that day; (2) F3 RVA celebrates its 1 year anniversary on September 20, 2015 – GridIron calling for convergence on September 19 at Pouncey Tract – all Pax posting challenge (and perfect “bring an FNG” time)!

Prayer concerns – spoken – father and family, friend, and coach – and unspoken.

BOM – collaborative prayer – the Pax expressed gratitude and thanksgiving, and appealed to the Great Physician for healing and peace amidst the storms.

Moleskin:  A fair bit of blood and saliva DNA was deposited at the 63 minute GirdIron this morning.  Certain of the PAX – those suffering from sensitive knee skin syndrome – prefer grass over asphalt – suggestion: man up or next time bring cushioned knee pads.

Unlike the grass-loving J’Ville and Loose Goose, Lugnut expressed ambivalence on the turf versus tarmac issue; he did confess, though, to enjoying the restfulness of moseys and runs.  YHC prefers slow countdowns.

Who didn’t achieve a quiver on the Merkin ISOs?  Just a little?  And was J’ville the only one who marked his ISO hold with a puddle of drool?  Loose Goose would know as he demonstrated exemplary form in his holds at the Merkin bottom – chin up and NSA eyes on (Conspiracy would be proud).

Brain Tumor Q’d the DogPile beat down that reportedly included a Merkin smokefest – he was primed for the Merkins ISOs after dashing over to double dip at GridIron for the 2nd Half.  TClaps!

Two of the PAX enjoined the 2ndF at the Daily Grind – probably planned a run-centric beat down under J’ville’s Q next Saturday.

Philippians 4:8



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  1. I’m sorry to have missed the 6-minute burpee sets;) And was there a little quiver on the merkin holds, mayyybbbee a llllitttle bbbiiitttt, and there still is. Nice ground and pound, Earthworm!

  2. Another classic Earthworm workout. 30 minutes in a 10′ arch with 5 sec rest between sets. Oh yeah, rinse and repeat, and repeat again. I was completely smoked and thankful for a mosey to the pillars. Ground & pound! GREAT COT today! Thanks

  3. excellent workout for yours truly to reengage after vacation. Thanks for a good Q, @Earthworm!