Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just hangin’ around…


5 faithful convened at Dogpile in the Gloom for a solid weekend beatdown.  The weather was 72 and breezy with a light rain.  It couldn’t have been any better.

The Thang:

Mosey from the shovel flag towards the Nickel Bridge and circle back to grassy area for COP:

25 x SSH

20 x Copperhead squats

20 x Don Quixote

10 x Merkin

20 x Flutter Kicks

Mosey over to the front of the Carillon for a merkin/lunge circuit.  Partner up:  one runs up the steps to top of Carillon and lunges to other side, down steps and back to start while the other one does Merkins x 20 and planks.  Repeat 3x.

Mosey to pull up bars for Hangs:  Overhand grip, hold pull-up position for 10 count, move to full arm extension for 20 count without letting go of the bar.  x 2.  Then, same thing with underhand grip. x 2.

Mosey to amphitheater for Ladder Climbs of the squat and incline merkin variety:

Squats: ascending reps to 15 up 15 steps, then 15 steps back down with descending reps to 1.

Incline merkins:  same as above

Mosey to grass between Carillon and pull up bars for 6 MOM:

Freddy Mercury x 20

Box Cutter x 20

Crossed Leg Lifts x 20 (10 on each leg)

LBC x 20, then x 10 double time.

Mosey almost back to flag for Ring of Fire:  merkins x 15, repeat

Mosey to shovel flag for COT.


The light rain and cooler temps today were perfect.  Summer vacations are in full swing (or fartsacks are exceptionally comfy on rainy weekends), and while we missed some of our brothers we were able to persevere.  It seemed ironic that the first thing we passed this morning was a funnel cake trailer #funnelcakesandsadclowns.  YHC noticed that mumblechatter is much more focused in a small group, and everyone participates.  Taking a page from Fudd, YHC worked this AO on the fly, which indeed facilitates some divine inspiration. You can continue to set your watch to Conspiracy’s arrival time, who joined us just in time for the last two Hangs.  Wilson read about the Hangs in a magazine while trapped in NYC (turns out he can read) and YHC got his blessing to give those a shot.  After 4 rotations it was apparent that the PAX needed to move on to the next exercise, as evident from the fact that I could no longer close my hands. #needtoworkonthegrip

The Squat and Incline Merkin Ladders were considerably more difficult than YHC had thought they would be.  (Those hard bodies don’t come easy, boys!)  Totals for today (including COP) squats=  245, merkins/incline merkins= 335.  Strong to quite strong!

Wilson was feeling especially chipper for the Ring of Fire and went with an ambitious 15 count x 2 despite the previous merkin load, then continued to push the rest of the PAX by overlapping reps.  Our pecs thank you, Wilson.

Announcements:  GET A SUNDAY PAPER TOMORROW.  The article on our F3 PAX will be in there, and given that the writer had a camera I’m sure we are going to have some fun at the expense of someone’s poor form.  Also, we need a Q for August 1 at Gridiron as J’ville and Earthworm will not be available.  They have been generous in keeping the original AO alive and kicking.

I enjoyed it men.  Aye!



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