Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Darrell Green meets Four Corners of Mary


18 Faithful gathered on a beautiful morning South of the River James to better their minds and fitness…it was sunny & 70 at 5:30am.  Here’s how it went down.

The Thang:

Mosey around both far soccer fields and circle up at SW soccer field.

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Merkins, Capital Letters (OYO), 20 (on each side) Imperial Squat Walkers (OYO), 20 Don Quixote (slow and deliberate)

Partner up for Darrell Greens: Partner 1 (“Michael Irvin”) does 4 merkins and sprints width of soccer field.  Partner 2 (“Darrell Green”) does 5 merkins and sprints to run down Michael Irvin.  Flip-Flop on other side. 4 sets: 2 x 4/5 merkins + 2  x 9/10 merkins

Mosey to adjacent soccer field for quick few minutes of Mary: 25 LBCs, 15 box cutters

Mosey back to SW soccer field for 15 minutes of 4 Corners of Mary around perimeter of soccer field: 1) 25 Tom Brady Polesmokers, 2) 25 LBCs, 3) 25 Freddy Mercuries, 4) 25 Flutterkicks

Circle up in middle of field for Cheeky Burp & Merk: up to 6, repeat 6 and back down

Mosey to bleachers for 40’s: Dips + Monkey Humpers

Mosey back to shovel flag for COT, which included YHC’s reflection on the Supreme Court’s decision last week to protect equal rights for all Americans…and Loose Goose taking us out in prayer.


True to his name, Rest Stop got pulled over by one of Chesterfield’s finest on the way to the AO this morning. 10 mph over the speed limit, a cracked windshield, and an expired inspection sticker resulted in NO infraction…politeness and honesty can go a long way.  He still made it to the tail end of the first COP.

The Darrell Greens are always a crowd pleaser.  YHC got Darrell Greened by Sippy Cup on the 3rd set.

Toga & Swirly posted the strongest showing on the 4 Corners of Mary…very impressive.

It might be time for YHC to invest in a watch…cheers to BT for all the time updates.

There was much mumblechatter regarding YHC’s focus on ab exercises this morning…apparently Chum Bucket had the same idea at The Punisher yesterday.  #DontCrossTheStreams

Brain Tumor & family drove the last leg of the BRR over the weekend and announced that “it was no joke” (in a car).


Regular workouts this week.

Johnsonville is leading a running workout Wednesday evening.  Is this right, Jville?




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  1. Great workout! It was my first time doing the Daryl Green! BT got me right out of the gate on one of the rounds! I might have mis-counted. Counting to 9 is……well apparently tough for me! I loved 4 corners of Mary. It will show up in a Wilson Q! Well done DK!

  2. Don’t discount my speed, Wilson! But, truthfully, I think you may have miscounted. DG’s make me feel like I’m back in high school doing sprints til I puked. Nice work, Doner!

  3. Great Q and strong words at the COT. Now we just need to rename you Madonna re your penchant for using British sayings.

  4. Loose Goose on

    Now that was a cheeky workout (no idea if I’m using that word correctly or not)