Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Too Wet for the Cricketers


Two of the Faithful and one FNG posted this morning at the GridIron with Donor Kebab planting the ShovelFlag.  Spirits were high as the PAX were treated to a pleasant temperature, a light rain, and a spongy turf.  Weather postponing the cricketers’ match was just right for the PAX.


Mosey to and around the far side of Short Pump Middle School to the Pillars.

Triangulate for X25 SSHs, X25 Don Quixotes, and Downward Dog to Half Crab stretches.

Ground and Pound at the Pillars:

Nine sets of chest/arms (assortment of Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and Dips X25 per), legs (assortment of Deep Squats, Lunges, and IW Squats X25 per, and Peoples Chairs and Al Gores), and core (Rosalitas, Dollies, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, and Freddy Mercurys X25 per, Protactor Penmanship and Box Cutters, and Glute Ham Walks) interspersed with some planks to Downward Dogs, two sets of X10 Burpees, and a set of X25 Partner Leg Tosses.

Pillar Slalom to end of Pillars followed by quick X25 SSHs and 75 yard lunge walk

Mosey back to Parking Lot Pavillion for 90 seconds of Dips Tabata style.


Quick count and naming of the FNG followed by announcements, including mention of need for F3 Richmond IT to be coordinated with SuperMan – talk to Loose Goose for more information and explanation of need.  Prayer requests were solicited and concerns shared.  Closing prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving.


Welcome to Cabbage Patch from Philly’s Main Line in RVA visiting his brother-in-law DK and family – strong first posting in the Gloom.  Real glad to have DK and Cabbage Patch post – YHC, knowing that other GridIron regulars were expected absentees – anticipated a possible “dancing with himself” and a BackBlast involving a doppelganger.  DK demonstrated consistently fine Merkin form throughout the Ground and Pound – impressive.  Even less running (virtually none) than usual under YHC’s Q – a strained TFL on right hip limited the running.  Relief knowing that Johnsonville’s “forced march” north to “somewhere in Pennsylvania” was “only” Stroudsburg, not Scranton or Erie.  All direct routes between the NE and RVA are through NOVA (“navigating Scylla and Charybdis”); J’Ville reports he is returning home via the route of the Scotch-Irish down the Shenandoah Valley.  FEBA!

1 Corinthians 16:13



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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Cabbage Patch & I really enjoyed the workout…and Earthworm’s Q. CP said he wished there was something like F3 in Philly…and that he’d definitely tap into F3 next time he’s in the Commonwealth.