Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory comes to No Toll


6 strong and faithful showed up for Richmond’s version of Old Glory at NoToll.  It was 77 at 0530 as the sun started to come up, a perfect start to the day.


Mosey from shovel flag to back parking lot for brief explanation of Old Glory.  Start with a 1 mile run around the entire soccer field complex (2 laps).  Then, loops of 4 stations at the corners of the AO:


Station 1:  20 x Merkins

Station 2:  20 x Jump Squats

Station 3:  10 x Burpees

Station 4:  20 x WWII Situps

Complete as many loops as possible before 6 am, then gather together for another 1 mile run around the complex.  A quick 2 MOM with 15x Russian Twists and 25x LBC.  Return to Shovel Flag for COT.


YHC was looking for a good “You vs. You” workout that we could use to track our progress and took a page from the boys at Tradition in Charlotte-MECA  (Thanks, boys!).   “Old Glory” proved to be a fitting test, and I look forward to seeing our progress in the months to come.  I’ve heard many of the PAX comment that we are noticeably faster and stronger lately, and hopefully we will see that as we measure our progress.  We missed our fellow brothers who were getting beat down on the trails this morning by Sippy Cup in prep for the BRR and look forward to the next time we get to share the PAIN.

Wilson was back with us after some R and R  in the “dry heat” of Arizona.  Welcome back!  Thankfully, Wilson’s Wife was there to keep him in check and exercising.  Honey-Do continues to post with regularity and determined resolve (and also made the suggestion to finish with Russian Twists (AYE!!)), and it was great to workout with Ricky Bobby again.  Lockjaw kept the pace on the last mile, and I learned what it’s like to chase a giraffe across the savanna as Splinter kept a “mean, mean stride” and finished strong.  Great job, men!

In keeping with theme of measuring progress that the fellas from Tradition started, I have posted below the number of cycles each of us completed.  Hopefully, when we do this again in a month, we will see some more improvement.  It’s important to state that it’s not a race against anyone but YOURSELF with the goal of getting better, faster, stronger.


F3 Name                                              6/23/15

Splinter                                                 3.0

Wilson                                                  3.0

Honey-Do                                             2.5

Ricky Bobby                                         2.5

Lockjaw                                                2.75

Brain Tumor                                          2.75


  • Third F at TYA’s house tonight, 5-7pm.  All PAX, M’s, 2.0’s invited.  Check the backblast for address.  Rumor has it that Fudd is rounding up as many kids from the neighborhood to bring along.
  • Ricky Bobby has volunteered to Q SOT tomorrow morning.  Many folks out of town, so try to make it if you can!
  • 45MOM Thu, RAMM Friday

It was an honor to Q today, as it always is.  Go forth and make it a great day!







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  1. Great job this morning, boys! That was sweatfest, and I have to admit, it was a bit tougher than it looked on paper.

  2. I was really trying to get out of that last mile as my tank was empty! I am sure Sippy Cup brought the trails & hills out today! Great Q BT!

  3. @Brain Tumor and NoToll Pax! Great to see Old Glory is traveling!

    This has become a staple at Tradition. We run it once a month(tomorrow actually) and we watch each other grow faster and stronger every month!

    TCkaps from Tradition AO!

  4. @Dingo- It’s a great workout, and more difficult than it looks on paper. Question: do you carry an extra flag on the entirety of last mile; leader with American flag and 6 with the AO flag?

  5. Aye. One of our pax made an “AO” specific flag that we carry at the back. Simple rule of the from flag is that if you are at the front you carry it, if you pass the guy in front, you take the flag and carry it. We try to keep everyone together on the last mile. First mile is AYG!!

  6. Brain Tumor on

    Aye. This AO lacks a good pull up option. One of the Carolina groups had the same issue and substituted burpees. However, we may be able to remedy that soon;)

  7. Forgotten Jelly on

    Forgotten Jelly from Tradition here. I created a new “old glory” tag that we can use when we run our monthly old glory workouts. It would be cool to see how everyone is doing each month at the different AOs.