Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thankfully not Somewhere in Pennsylvania


Six strong at the GridIron, three sporting red shirts and three sporting black shirts (one of which was apparently well-worn if not a bit tight); all eager to get stronger with the “encouragement” of the PAX.


Mosey to the Track and post up on the Field Events venue for:

X25 SSHs, X25 Imperial Walkers, X25 Deep Squats, and X25 Don Quixotes.


Mosey across Track and up to Higher Ground between Track and Pouncey Tract Road for:

10 Minutes of Burpees followed by

“experimental” Downward Dog to Half Crab stretch and Glute-Ham Walks

Mosey back to Track for:

100 yards of lunges, butt kicks, etc.

100 yard sprint, 20 count recover, and 100 yard sprint.

Walking 30 count and 220 yard single file J’Ville “less than a sprint”

Hand-off to Loose Goose

Mosey to Center Field outside the fence of the front Diamond for:

Lt. Dans – partner up in three pairs (one red short and one black shirt per pair) – one man runs up the hill for one Deep Squat at top and four Alternating Lunges and then runs back down while partner holds an Al Gore pose at bottom of hill and then switch – rinse and repeat X4 with alternating back pedal runs up the hill.

Mosey to front of Short Pump Middle School for:

Triple Check – two teams of three PAX each for Peoples Chair, Plank, and Runs X2

Mosey to portable stands on edge of Lower GridIron with “optional” diversion/refreshment through the activated irrigation system for:

Four minutes of Dips Tabata style

Mosey to middle of Lower GridIron for:

Four Minutes of Mary

Mosey back to Parking Lot and belatedly planted ShovelFlag.

The usual with count, names, and announcements.  Discussion ensued concerning growing the Third F and building on the 8 week PreGame lessons of Old Testament leadership.  Loose Goose, inspired by his recent F3 posting at an AO in SC, invited prayer requests and the PAX responded enthusiastically.  We concluded with a prayer expressing both our spoken and unspoken concerns, knowing with confidence that amidst the storms of life, the sanctuary offered by the Almighty is inviolable.  Coffee at the Daily Grind followed.


Last week’s FNG, Flip Phone, showed the PAX that he’s more than an accomplished hiker with a strong sophomore posting today.  Always glad to have Chum Bucket with us even if the GridIron is his SafeHarbor for an awakening too late for the DogPile.  Turning 40 has been good for Groh – stronger and faster every week.  Loose Goose enjoyed his Homecoming at the GridIron and provided his steady leadership with his second half Q.  Johnsonville received some BroLove from one of the red shirters who noted his upper torso growth on fine display in his new snug fitting MudGear F3 GridIron shirt.  No major hiccups in Earthworm’s first half Q though his second half performance was compromised by a right hiker’s hip malfunction and a genuine concern for his law partner, J’Ville, whose M has tasked him to transport his budding Olga Korbut to a skills camp “somewhere in Pennsylvania.”  There was consensus that Harrisburg and back in a day was easily done – certainly a whole lot less daunting than a Scranton (or Erie) round trip.  FEBA!

Psalm 4:8


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  1. TYA has some shorts to go with Johnsonville’s new shirt. Just make sure you don’t wear them both at 45MOM or the Tomatoes will go haywire.