Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Starbucks or bust…..


8 faithful and a LIFO Fudd posted for a friday morning jaunt at Mary Munford.  Weather was a little hot and humid.

The Thang:

Left onto Grove, all the way to Three Chopt, turnaround, 4 mile loop run to Sauer, 5 mile loop run to Thompson and 6 mile loop run to Belmont.  Turnaround and back to shovel flag.


There was a discretionary stop at Starbucks on the way to Three Chopt today.  Two of the faithful took advantage and the Starbucks staff were quite accommodating.  TYA and Loose Goose (makes sense right) made the trek, accompanied by an unknown tomato.  TYA being third into the shop had to wait for a few minutes.  Since the tomato was quicker, TYA used the ladies room and almost beat LG back onto the route.

Saab was motoring today.  He seemed to have a mission to finish as fast as possible and he got back to the flag pretty quickly.

Splinter slowed his pace for a mile or so and had some second F during the run with TYA.  Good to get to know a fellow runner and computers science major better along the way.

TYA out.


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