Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BRR run – “Spidercrawl”


9 Faithful gathered at the home of the Spiders for the first installment of the weekly BRR run training.  Here’s how it went down:

Warmup lap around the lake.  Pause halfway through for SSH’s until everyone caught up.

Mosey up the north hill to the entrance and back down to the lake for run intervals.

4 hill runs on the south side of the lake, with 30 LBC’s at the end of each interval.

Mosey back around the lake and reverse the northside hill run.  Mosey back around the lake to the south side for COT.

Total distance covered = 3.64 miles according to Bleeder’s Nike app.


YHC enjoyed leading these fine men for the first BRR weekday run.  Bleeder noted at the start that orange cones in the parking lot adjacent to the lake made parking difficult, although everyone seemed to make it OK.  In addition, the tomatoes working out on the island seemed to have no trouble finding spots in the parking lot.  Some discussion took place as to whether YHC was forceful enough giving direction today…..YHC admits to Q’ing a little looser than usual.  The intent was to focus on the running and to leave exercises in between at the discretion of each man.  YHC figures that the PAX gets enough arm and core work during the rest of the weekly F3 workouts.  If a “drill sergeant” persona is what the PAX are looking for in each Q, then we need look no further than Toga (where was he today?)  I am reminded of Full Metal Jacket whenever I participate in a Toga led workout.

YHC intended to hold the COT inside the pavilion on the island in the middle of the lake.  Conspiracy, however, seemed intimidated by the presence of the tomatoes also working out on the island, and so we continued on to the south side instead.  It was postulated that perhaps there was someone there in particular that Conspiracy did not want to interact with…….???

Next week, Sippy will Q the weekly BRR run on Tuesday at 5:30 at Dogpile.


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  1. A Tuesday BRR Q at Dogpile with Sippy, on the trails. That sounds hellish. Sorry I missed you boys, today.