Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Helter Skelter in GridIron’s Swelter


Five (5) of the faithful and one FNG (FlipPhone) gathered on a humid Saturday morning to embrace sweltering gloom.  Bleeder planted a meticulously-crafted Woodfin® shovel flag after having attended half of #DogPile, and Johnsonvill took over the Q.  The workout went like this —


35x SSH
25x Merkins
25x Standing Mountainclimbers
10x Burpees OYO

Mosey to Grassy Knoll
25x Imperial Walkers
25x Merkins OYO
20x Jump Squats OYO
10x Burpees OYO

Mosey to Track
People’s Chair (tree sits)
2x 200m run
5x Bear Crawl Up/Down hill
25x Partner Leg Push x 2 sets
25x Incline Merkins
25x Decline Merkins
10x Burpees OYO
2x 200m run

End at Front Entrance of Short Pump MS
People’s Chair
25x Merkins

Mosey to Center of Bus Loop in Back of MS
Bear Crawl in Single File Line Indian Run Style (someone please name this)

Mosey to Pull-up Bar
10x pull-ups x 3 sets
25x Flutter Kicks
25x Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to SF


Johnsonville, having recognized superior F3 potential, has been headlocking FlipPhone for the better part of a year.  While on a hiking trip with FlipPhone earlier this year, Doner Kebab (who is more than a little snobbish about technology), noticed that FlipPhone still uses a circa-1988 mobile phone.  DK proclaimed then and there that FlipPhone’s F3 name would be “FlipPhone.”  All that remained was actually getting FlipPhone to post.  It appears that FlipPhone finally ran out of excuses, and we are glad he did.  FlipPhone weathered his first F3 workout very well, and we hope he decides to post again soon.  Welcome FlipPhone!

The heat and humidity were out of force this morning, and the sweat ran freely.  At one point, after laying on the sidewalk, DK stood, leaving a puddle of sweat behind.  DK was wearing a “Keep Calm and Mosey On” F3Richmond logo shirt, and we noticed that the logo was perfectly silk-screened in sweat on the sidewalk.  Way to get the word out, DK!

Nice job today, men!  Jville



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