Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fudd Likes Variety


A strong PAX of 9 represented well for YHCs virgin Q.

The Thang:

15X Temp Merkins
25X Don Quixotes
16X Tempo Sumo Squats (optional toe raises)

Mosey to Basketball Courts

The Weave
Start at corner basketball goal.  Zig-zag or “weave” back and forth to hit all 8 goals.  Right side goals 10 jump-shot burpees.  Left side goals do 10 two-count line jumps.  Plank up at end.  Backwards run suicide.  Repeat the weave then modified karaoke suicide.

Mosey to 2nd Baseball Field

The Cycle
Start at home plate:
– Single:  Run to 1st and complete 10 merkins.  Run to 2nd, 10 merkins.  Run to 3rd, 10 merkins.  Run home, 10 merkins.
– Double:  Run to 2nd and complete 20 2-count flutter kicks.  Run home for 20 more.
– Triple:  Run to 3rd and complete 30 prisoner squats.  Run home for 10 merkins.
– Home Run:  Round the bases and finish with 40 LBCs.

Mosey to track

4 Corner
4 corners alternating between 20 side-tri-rise and 10 calf raises every 100m.  Skip the straight aways and run the curves.

Quick Mary
20 Russian Twists
20 Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to Shovel Flag & COT

YHC appreciates the great turnout for my virgin Q.  A few passed up an opportunity for a hill run to participate in this sports-themed workout.  YHC attempted to introduce some agility into this particular workout and unfortunately cannot erase some of the visuals.

It’s apparent that YHC did not start off with enough variety for Fudd as he complained about the repetitiveness of the weave.  Perhaps next time YHC will go with burpees on both sides of the goals.  At one point YHC heard someone mention how much they love burpees, which reminded me of how much YHC hates Christian Laettner.  From here on out the weave shall be referred to as the “I HATE Christian Laettner”.

TYA quickly found his groove during the cycle, accurately predicting the next series of exercises halfway through the single series.  It’s really hard to get anything past that guy.  Must be due to the Ted Williams reruns he watches on ESPNClassic.  #respect.  YHC resisted the urge to audible the home run series with Conspiracy’s suggestion of burpees.  There is always next time.

The track workout brought out the best in Swirly.  Someone in the PAX opined that Swirly looks like Michael Jackson while skipping.  YHC suggests someone bring a white glove and a black fedora to the next workout to find just how far this comparison goes.

Pre-pre-order in effect for #Dogpile shirts.  Let Bleeder know so that he can put the official pre-order up.

Thanks to Wilson for nudging me to Q at last week’s Source of Truth.  Good fun.



  1. Now this sounded like a fun workout. It’s also fair to say that Fudd is typically complaining about something or singing Top 40. I waffle on which is worse. It sounds like a great Q, VQ or otherwise.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great fun Splinter. I enjoyed the new routines and there was plenty of variety for me (I’m so old, I forget the last exercise once I’ve done it)!