Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rain, what rain?


Rain running

15 Strong posted as the rain was starting to drop.


Mosey to first COP

15X Imperial Walkers
15X Don Quixote
15X Flutter Kicks

Mosey to Field

The Beast
6X each 6x running the field. LBC’s, Merkins, Freddie Mercury, Werkins, APD’s, Burpees

Mosey to Other Field

Running and Pole Smoking Team up in Pairs 3X

RING fo Fire 2x 7 Merkins

Mosey to Shuffle Flag



The rain was light enough to not cause any issues, but heavy enough to make every surface; grass, pavement, wooden bridges, really anywhere we had to hit the ground; soaked. The good news was that it’s always Sunny & 70 in F3 RVA Land!

Conspiracy continues to monitor correct form throughout the workout. He was kind enough to highlight the men that were doing exercises correctly!

Chum Bucket appeared at the beginning of the Beast. Although several cars were pulling in as the PAX headed to the First COP. YHC was not taking notes at that point.

The beast on a larger field is quite beastly, especially when ending with Burpees.

On the backwards running, several runners including YHC, were more backwards skipping; not really sure which is fastest, but skipping is definitely easier on the knees.

Several folks have been asking about Sippy’s workout on Saturday. The hills were killer; it was reported that Fudd had been seen during the workout or post workout. YHC wondered if we had lost anyone in the Woods. Hopefully, we will see the RTD article in July with a full run down on the EPICness of Sippy’s beatdown.

Splinter’s Virgin Q is tomorrow at Source of Truth. Come out and see!

Thanks to everyone that has ordered F3 RVA shirts, Several requests have been made for the Dogpile Shirt. If you want one please comment on this back blast and I get it put on the mud gear Store, we need 12 to Execute the order. AYE! for one, AYE! AYE! for two, etc. etc.


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  1. I was gasping for breath quite a few times during the beatdown today. Good work! Swirly, you led my first F3 workout and I remember thinking then that the ring of fire was impossible, but it was achievable today. It was good to see the improvement. Put me down as someone who is interested in the dogpile shirt.

  2. Loose Goose on

    Great beatdown @Swirly! I will be feeling the quads tomorrow from that backwards running.

    @Doner Kebab – looking fwd to having you back

  3. BEAST! Love it! Hate missing a workout in the rain. Put me down for a Dogpile shirt also.