Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PAX ups the miles


11 of the Faithful jumped out of the farstack on a misty/foggy Friday morning.  All were rewarded with a good workout and some good fellowship

The Thang:

Head towards grove, all take a left.  Pick your loop.  10k all the way to 3 chopt, 6 miles to St Catherine’s turnaround loop, 5 miles to Tuckahoe, 4 miles to Wisteria, turnaround, run to The Boulevard and then back to the school and shovel flag.


Saab broke away from the pack (of two) at the end to finish the day strong. He passed YHC going up the hill at Libbie and Malvern.  Sippy followed shortly after, in chase, but only maintaining the spread between the two.  YHC does no know how it played out at the end, but the two of them are clearly pushing each other in the runs.

BT broke out the new shoes he recently purchased from Fleet Feet.  The shoes lived up to the store’s name as BT’s pace seemed to pick up and his distance also was increased.  He Swirly and Toga all took the six mile loop and finished a longer run strong.

Sunshine was a Kotter.  Still nursing a knee injury, he posted anyways and acquitted himself well. Under doctor’s orders he is on a regiment of two miles of running followed by two miles of walking. Despite his limitations, he still easily finished the four mile loop in the allotted time.  Great job.

YHC had a good run and conversation with Loose Goose today.  Out of the gate I was not feeling the motivation this morning, but LG’s company and encouragement spurred me on to complete the 5 miles.  One of the benefits of running with a group is pushing yourself to get faster and faster.   Another is that when you don’t have the strongest day and feel like packing it in, there is someone there to pick you up and keep you going.  Thanks LG.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great to continue to run with this group. Always someone there to keep you motivated! See ya next week in the Gloom.

  2. Brain Tumor on

    Always a good run. I peeled off a block early because I was hurting. Even so, Toga still caught me at the top of the hill at Malvern, and it actually helped me keep pace to the end. Totally agree that the good company makes for better runs. Aye!

  3. Brain Tumor on

    Is your “a” broken, Wilson? Or are you simply delirious from a DD/Busch Gardens combo?