Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who are those guys?


Nine faithful (including a brother from F3 Columbia, SC) and two Friendly New Guys posted at this morning’s version of The Punisher.  We started at our usual time which is 30 minutes earlier than another bootcamp workout group which showed at this AO this morning for their first workout.  Our Thang:

Short Mosey around the front parking lot and back to the west lawn for the initial COP involving – 25 x SSH, 20 x Don Quixotes, 25 x LBCs, and 20 x Imperial Walkers.

Jog back to the front parking lot and split into groups taking positions in each the three corners of the parking lot.  One group performs Bear Crawl to the next corner.  The second group completes Bunny Hops over parking lot stripes.  The third group backpedals from corner to corner.  Upon reaching the next corner, complete five Burpees and plank up.  Advance through the next leg only after each of the three groups has completed the last leg.  Rinse and repeat the circuit two times.

Hop over the sidewalk to the front field for The Beast.  Starting at the west end of the field and heading east, complete six exercise reps at three stops across the field and back.  Repeat for six different exercises – Hello Dolly, Merkin, Flutter Kick, Mountain Climber, Prisoner Squat, and Burpee.

Head back to the parking lot for a Push-a-rama and several Minutes of Mary, including 15x Carolina Dry Docks, 15x Wide-Grip Carolina Dry Docks, and 10x Derkins all in cadence and alternating with 20x Curb Dips.  Finish with 15x Flutter Kicks, 25x LBCs, and 15x Box Cutters.



Great to have Promo from F3 Columbia.  Promo expects to be in RVA off and on in the coming months as he’ll have some involvement in the 2015 UCI Road World Championships scheduled for September.  By the way, Promo is a Burpee machine.

Great, also, to have FNG Zach and FNG Ron.  Zach was EHed by Fudd.  Following a discussion of beverages during the COT, Zach was named UTI (you-tee-eye).  Ask UTI about his name.  Apparently Ron is from Pittsburgh (and EHed by Splinter), so naturally he should be named Cowboy.  Cowboy said the name wouldn’t keep him from coming back, so Cowboy it is.  Welcome fellas.

We’d seen signs about a new bootcamp workout group starting at The Punisher AO.  This workout group will meet five days a week at this location – on three mornings and two afternoons per week.  We saw this group assemble this morning adjacent to our implementing The Beast.  Congratulations to those folks for getting out of bed and getting going this morning.  YHC passed these folks on the walk home.  First day attendance was mostly Tomatoes.

Have a good week.




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  1. Apparently there are Lots of new things to report on at the Punisher. With Two FNGs and a visitor, this is apparently the AO where things happen. Great work Mr Bucket, and thanks for leading!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout this morning Chum. Lots of pain had by all. Great Q.