Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sledding in May…on our bums…Romancing the Stone-style


9 Faithful RVA Pax & 2 very welcome guests gathered at Byrd Park this morning to greet a sunny day with some hard work.

Here’s how it went down:

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Merkins, 25 Hillbillies, 25 Slow Bending Squats, 25 LBCs

Mosey to Vita Loop for Vita Burp Loop: full loop with set of burpees at every turn that was larger than 90 degrees.  First stop: 1 burpee, 2nd stop: 2 burpees, etc…up to 5…then back down to 1

Quick COP: 25 Box Cutters

Vita Lt. Dan Half Loop: same as Vita Burp Loop but performing sets of “real” Lt. Dans (1 squat + 4 lunges total = 1) instead of the burpee sets

Mosey across street to massive hill for Triple Nickel: partner up + run up hill (with bear crawl if need be), 5 pole smokers while holding on to fence, run down hill (sled on bums really), Stuart Scott Merkins with your partner (5 on each side)

Quick COP: 25 Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey back down Vita Trail – Stop for a round of Daft Punk while listening to “Around the World”

Mosey across street back towards Carillon – Quick COP: 25 Flutter Kicks

Mosey on to amphitheater for Tabatta: Dips

Mosey down amphitheater steps: 5 derkins at each step

Abort in the interest of time.  Mosey back towards flag for 2 Minutes of Mary: 25 Hello Dollies, 25 LBCs



It was very good to host Pâté & Captain D today.  Cheers for coming out and checking out F3 in RVA!

TClaps to Sippy Cup for playing a good host to our 2 guests and ensuring a member of the Richmond PAX was out front during the Vita runs.

YHC ran some reconnaissance before parking and was distressed to see that the hill had not been mowed in quite some time.  However, this made the descent an incredible sled ride (in May).  Most all of us slid on our rumps…Romancing-the-Stone-style.

Wilson questioned why “Around the World” would be part of YHC’s music collection, only to learn how it played an important role while YHC was chasing M Döner Kebab in the Fatherland back in the day.  When YHC saw this “new” exercise listed on F3Nation’s exercise page, it was a no-brainer to pull it out of the bag this morning.

Oyster let YHC know at yesterday’s RAMM that Love Hill was closed for construction…I hear the construction will be completed in 2 weeks’ time.

This was the first workout that YHC has posted to in a while where neither Bleeder nor TYA has also posted. #awkward


Next Saturday is Sippy Cup’s VQ and promises to be epic, as it will be covered by local press.  Please try to be there.


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    I appreciate you guys playing along with the Vita Burp Loop…it was a heart-pounder!

  2. Nice Q today DK. I think I’m going to be feeling this one for the next few days. Not sure how Swirly was able to run back home, but TCLAPs to him for getting it done. The man is a beast!!

    love hill under construction? I think that’s wishful thinking.

  3. Nice beat down Doner! I’m still feeling it today! Verty thankful Love Hill was closed, but I’m a bit nervous that Sippy will push to re-open for next week. 🙁 He a good Sunday fellas! #recoveryday