Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s Q? I got it



The PAX was 6 strong as it entered the gloom on a glorious morning.  Reggie continues to watch over the weekly event.

The Thang

Mosey to the middle field


25x SSH

25x LBC’s

26x Crab Cakes

25x Imperial Walkers

Mosey to goalpost

10 minutes of Get & Burps (tap goal post on jump)

Mosey to rock pile for large rock, continue to tennis court

Four Corners – Ladder 1-10 reps (carry rock)

Sumo Squat

Reverse Lunge

Prisoner Squat

Side lunge

Return rock to pile and mosey to parking lot



It was good to see Clooney back in action at SOT.  Not to mention the extra credit he earned by tapping the goal post of the get & burps.  Bleeder tapping the base of the goal post does not count.

Speaking of Bleeder he almost pulled off the Jimmy Snuka flying EH this morning.   We are hopeful to see Keith at a workout soon.
YHC picked a much too heavy “boulder” for the Four Corners workout.  What was supposed to be a leg session turned into an arms & back workout.  Sometime the best laid plans ……

Wilson & Bleeder swapped elite level athlete positions today.  Bleeder at the front and Wilson hung out with YHC.  Thanks Wilson.

It should be noted that the rock carrying exercise was a demonstration of the extra lbs YHC carries on a normal workout.  Eat healthy fellas

Our Hero, otherwise known as Fudd, was contemplating if getting out of bed this morning was a good idea.  I’m not sure if the workout was tough enough for an Elite International Athlete but after a slight jab at Bleeder’s lunge technique and the size of his “Rock” which according to news reports was the approximate size of TYA’s stone, it appears all is ok in the world of Fudd and everyday people.

Toga is still trying to get back in F3 shape, good idea to keep coming cross the river.  Good luck taking on the guys in the Sandhills.


See you next time!


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  1. Those rocks……..who rus well with them? Ok, fine! Bleeder did kick our butts today. Nice job setting the bar high. I will have to practice runnig with a rock. Great Q Lugut! My legs are smoked.

  2. Good workout, solid fun, and yes, my assumption that everyone would pick a moderately sized rock was misguided. I’ll just take it as getting more out of my workout. Thanks for the Q!