Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One final hurrah…


6 PAX posted for a chilly but beautiful Saturday morning at the Carillon in what would be Orville’s F3 swan song #sademoji.


Mosey to Carillon Traffic Circle
SSH x25
Windmill x15
LBC x20
Burpees x15

Mosey to amphitheater
Bunny hop up, jog down
After 1 minute, hold elevated plank (feet on stone steps)
Shimmy 10 paces right, 10 paces left (still in a plank)
10 Merkins
Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to Carillon steps
Bunny hop up steps, lunge across, jog down opposite steps
10 flutter kicks
Rinse & Repeat for 5 minutes

Mosey to wooded pasture
Hold plank for 45 seconds, tag 10 trees
Hold plank for 30 seconds

Mosey back to Carillon steps
Bunny hop up steps, bear crawl across, jog down opposite steps
10 mountain climbers
Rinse & Repeat for 5 minutes

Mosey to Field for The Beast:
Spider Man Merkins
Hello Dollies
Lunge jumps

Mosey to the Bars
10 seconds, as many reps as you can (pullups)
10 seconds, as many reps as you can (dips)
Quick uphill sprint set
20 seconds, same as above

Mosey back to traffic circle for 2 Minutes of Mary
Rosalita x20
Freddy Mercury x20
Backwards Plank, lifting each leg for added beatdown


Fortunately for Orville, Chum Bucket was there to remind him that Hello Dollies and Rosalitas are not the same exercise. Initial burpees got the PAX a bit winded, but folks rounded into form by the time we hit the amphitheater. T-claps to Goldberg for making it through a tough first workout. Also T-claps to Bambino, as this was only his second F3 workout ever. Keep up the hard work, fellas.

Alas, my time with the faithful PAX of Richmond is drawing to a close. The light of my life and I are headed west, probably into a sunset. Oregon awaits, and we’ll be moving out June 1. T-claps to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of running, sweating, and burpeeing with over the past 8 months! Keep it going strong, and if you’re every in the Portland area let me know and we’ll knock out a few merkins together.


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  1. Chum Bucket on

    Nice Q, Orville. Hope the relocation goes well. Stop by and see us when you are back east.

  2. Welcome Goldberg and great to hear Bambino is in the mix. I’m bummer to have missed an Orville workout. They are always tough! Much tougher than a Toga or Fudd Q! Have a great time in the north west!

  3. Dude WTH!? I think I knew there was a big chance of you leaving, but I never heard the final announcement. Thanks for helping RVA get F3 going, and thanks for all the great leadership at our workouts. You will be missed, and best of luck with the vegan pizza composting supply company.., or whatever it is that people do out there. Make sure you post when you get back this way.

  4. Orville, Best of luck with the Move west, thanks for being out there with us and taking a lead! Sorry to miss your Final east coast Q!

  5. Döner Kebab on

    I just read this post…and promptly poured some IPA down the drain for my homie, Orville. We’ll miss you…and the double hate.