Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Missing Road Runner


The GridIron welcomed an FNG this morning making the PAX 4 strong on a beautiful and breezy morning in the far West End.

The Thang

Mosey from parking lot to the field events venue at the track.


30x SSHs, 30x Don Q’s, 30x IWs, 30x Merkins, 30x Alabama Prom Dates, 30x LBCs, and 30x Slow Deep Squats

Mosey to track:

Lap 1 – 7 to 10 Burpees and advance 40 yards – 11x

Lap 2 – lunge walk, high skips, 220 yard sprint

Lap 3 – lunge walk, high skips, 100 yard sprint, and lunge walk

Lap 4 – high steps, 100 yard sprint, lunge walk, karaoke left, and karaoke right

Mosey to field events venue:

2 sets of 20x Partner Leg Toss

30x Rosalitas, 30x LBCs, and 30x APDs

2 sets of 20x PLT

30x Dollys, 30 LBCs, and 30 APDs

1 set of 20x PLT

Mosey back to parking lot


Welcome to Coyote who along with Groh (TClaps for aging out of the “hate” this week) reduced the average age of the PAX today despite the best efforts of TYA and YHC – still a demographic trend to “respect.”

Brief discussion on the BRR – more details to come from TYA.

Closing with a prayer of acknowledgement and gratitude, the PAX departed the AO better equipped to be the leaders we’re called to be.


TYA’s SSHs may be disjointed but his cadence calls from the bullpen were spot on.  TClaps!

Some mumble chatter on the track concerning youthful mile times – #GloryDaze.  Also, Groh seemed to be expecting more #GroundWork and TYA was seemingly desirous of the #Pillars.  Instead there was less of the former and none of the latter – next time under YHC’s Q.

Coyote had no problem with this morning’s assortment of #AcmeProducts – where’s Road Runner and his “Beep Beep” when we need it?

Note to GridIron Qs – the AO’s sprinkler system is on a new timer.

Titus 1:7-11


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