Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Deflated Wham-o Chasing


14 game-changing men gathered at Mary Munford in the gloom to get after it. Bleeder arrived early to plant the shovel flag, and IHC handed our three token Patriots fans their deflated footballs. At 5:30 on the nose, the PAX took off across the school grounds.


Mosey to the far side of the school

• Merkins x12
• WW2 Situps x12
• Squat Jacks x12
• Bicycles (slow count) x12
• Russian Soldier x12

Mosey yet again, this time to the baseline on the West side of the soccer fields

Tunnel of Hopping Love: While PAX plank side by side, one by one each alternates crawl under and hops over the planking PAX. Each gamer goes under/over the rest of the PAX 2x.

Game Time! Wham-o Chase: One PAX throws a frisbee. All PAX sprint in that direction until frisbee lands. When it lands, all PAX stop and then do the allotted exercise until they get to the frisbee. Once they reach the frisbee, plank and wait for the 6. Allotted exercises – mostly in the order below.
• Bear Crawl
• Backwards Bear Crawl
• Frog Squat/jump
• Backwards Frog Squat/jump
• One legged Bear Crawl (right leg up)
• One legged Bear Crawl (left leg up)
• Walking lunge
• Duck Walk
• Backwards Duck Walk
• Bear Crawl Karaoke (right)
• Bear Crawl Karaoke (left)
• Crab Walk x 25 yards
• Backwards Crab Walk
• Bunny Hop
• Backwards Bunny Hop
• One-legged Crab Walk (right)
• One-legged Crab Walk (left)

2-line Indian Run to the bus loop at the front of the school.

Clockwork Merkins: Grab a piece of curb and…
• Incline merkins x12
• Right arm on curb, left on pavement x8
• LBCs x20
• Decline merkins x8
• Left arm on curb, right on pavement x8

Mosey to the shovel flag for COT


• First things first: WHO STOLE OUR BLOCKS??? Hopefully they are being put to a good, foundational use.
• As always, men, it is a pleasure and an honor to lead you (“yinz guys” for those of us from Pittsburgh). This was a fun workout to plan and made even more fun to lead thanks to this incredible PAX. YHC can’t wait until next week to Q again.
• Welcome to FNG Marv Albert, good to now have a voice of reason as part of the Richmond PAX (horrible, I know)
• YHC was impressed by the disc tossing skills of the PAX today. Particularly T-claps to Pucker who would be a great kickoff and “long ball” specialist if we were so inclined to start a Richmond F3 Ultimate Frisbee team.
• Much discussion and questions about the deflatables. Full details: the NFL/leather ones are well worn from a flag football team for which I was captain/organizer a few years back. They have since sat in my shed and garage, only removed periodically for a few beach trips and Hokie tailgates. All of the footballs were already below the allowable limit (since about 2007, coincidentally), but per the QB’s explicit instructions, they needed further removal of air to ensure a HOF Q performance.
• At the end of Clockwork Merkins, there was a mention of gratitude that they weren’t Curb Crawls. YHC can assure the PAX that this was only because of time. Perhaps fewer 10-counts next time will allow for much more fun.


Please keep The Scream and his family in your prayers. He is visiting his parents both of which have some health issues.

Dominion River Rock sports & music festival – this weekend. Lots of great events to show your F3 swag and throw some EH’s

Rugged Maniac (next iteration) is coming up on Oct 10. Plan is for F3 guys to run this as a team. TYA is collecting info from anyone who wants to sign up to also submit registrations as a team.


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  1. Great work by everyone today! It’s good to see this PAX growing, and at the same time getting faster & stronger!

  2. Great Q Goose! It was fun chasing that damn frisbee! Creative, fun & functional! Looking forward to next Thursday! Not the curb crawls!

  3. @Loose Goose. Now that was a creative Q. I may have to steal the wham-o concept and introduce it to our Highlands PAX…