Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fantastic 50!


The Thang

17 came out this fine morning for a little shake and bake in the gloom!  The warm-up count and cadence was a little off due to the extreme overnight aging of the QIC and first time Q jitters.  One (FNG) Oracle- posted and received a good first timer beat down.  Hope he won’t be one and done!

Mosey to trees @ corner Grove and Commonwealth


Fantastic 50
25 don Quixote
25 side straddle hop
15 LBC
20 Imperial Walkers
25 side straddle hop

Mosey to street

Double Applesauce – Indian run to Cary Street

Mosey to Tennis court


2 man team – 50 yard sprint drop for 25 merkins

Bear crawl back

25 sit-ups w/pax holding feet – switch


Mosey to field


line up – Frisbee thrown – sprint until it lands then lunges to reach it

repeat with 1st pax to get there choosing next exercise

Lunge, bear crawl, crab walk, backward run, deep knee bends, karaoke, Imperial Walker,

burpee jump x2


Mosey to building

Triple check

X3 – Sprints, people’s chair, plank


6 minutes of Mary

50 LBC


Flutter kicks


Mosey to Shovel Flag




The double applesauce run quieted the pax after figuring out – if you ain’t first your last!

Brain Tumor begged “don’t you put that kind of evil on me!” during the fire workout.

Lugnut was almost decapitated by Pucker in the Frisbee run.  Chinese 5 hour glow in the dark chemicals only lasted 5 minutes.  Who would have thunk.

TYA received the shout out in a professional manner and proceeded to give 5 minutes of Hail Mary!

All in all, the pax did a great job!  Thanks for all the respect on my big day!


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  1. Glad the one column of men didn’t get mowed down by that car at the end of the Indian Run!
    Great Q, Ricky Bobby.
    Welcome to the Oracle!

  2. Great VQ Ricky Bobby, THAT JUST HAPPENED!

    Welcome Oracle!

    Looking forward to your next workout, I’m sure some Shak’n’Bake will be in the bag.

  3. Johnsonville on

    Great VQ Ricky Bobby. Who would have guessed that a car would try to use that public street during our Double Applesauce. It’s crazy!