Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Toga for a Freeloader?


10 PAX represented at the SOT this morning.  Weather was 70 and Sunny, but the ground was a tiny bit wet from a soaking rain the past two days.

The Thang:

Mosey to large field behind the school.  COP 20x mountain climbers, 20x Don Quixote, 25x SSH.  Mosey to corner of field near posts.   Q called for a Deion Sanders through the posts.  What he really meant was Barry Sanders.  Huddle up at base of hill on track.  Triple nickel up the hill to the fence, 5 flutter LBC at top, 5 flutter LBC at bottom.  Repeat 5x.  Round two of the triple nicker this time with Monkey Humpers.  Mosey back to parking lot, pick up a rock from the rock pile.  Two rounds of rock exercises (20x tricep press, 20x curl, 20x overhead press and 15x russian twist).  Mosey to the front of school for 6 Minutes of Mary, dealers choice (Freddy Mercury, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita’s)


Great to have a visitor from Charlotte join us today.  Freeloader was passing through Richmond on the way from Bristol to VA Beach and spent the night in Richmond so he could catch an F3 workout.  After the workout, one of Richmond’s regulars (Toga) texted Bleeder that he had attended “Ranger” in Charlotte.  YHC took a brief look at the recent posts from that AO and saw Freeloader’s name come up several times.  So, in essence, we traded Toga for Freeloader for the morning.  Since both are going to be at the BRR, we can see if either side wants to make the trade more permanent?

Welcome to the bootcamp workout to our BFNG (bootcamp FNG) Sunshine.  He did a great job all morning despite being thrown several obstacles..  During the triple nickel, Sunshine was the first one to find out the that the terrain was rather rough just past the top of the hill.  Actually there were a few holes in the ground, waiting to claim an ankle or two.  Fortunately, no one got injured, but a good lesson for YHC to better scout the route in advance (I walked the AO the previous day, but did not walk the hill all along our line to look out for danger).

When YHC announced SSH as the last exercise of the first COP, the PAX let out a collective laugh. Although Freeloader was a little confused to begin with, he quickly figured out the issue.  Despite TYA’s attempts at better executing the SSH, he still cannot get more than 4 or 5 in proper form.  After that, all hell breaks loose and body parts are flying everywhere.

The real crowdpleaser of the morning was the Russian twists with the rocks.  After performing a 10 reps of the exercise, a majority of the PAX looked like they were going to pass out.  Must mean we need to get back to that exercise again soon


Hump day happy hour today, 5-7 at willow lawn American Tap House


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout this morning brothers. Always and honor to have the opportunity to lead this fine group. See you in the Gloom tomorrow and watch out for the chain between the posts.

  2. Nice job using the AO! The rocks were a great addition. My rock selection needs some help. Great meeting Freeloader & well done by all this am!

  3. Way to bring it TYA – well done!
    Yeah the Russian twist – sure felt that later in the day ….

  4. Enjoyed it! I will post whenever I’m in town. Looking forward to #starfish all over the Commonwealth….Great work by all!!!

  5. Wow, you’re gone a couple of days and you get replaced. Feeling an absence of love. Based on my performance at Ranger you may still want to consider the trade.

  6. It was more than I wanted, but it was mainly the pacing that was beyond what we normally do. We’ll have to grow into that.