Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s in a name?


9 Faithful, hit the GridIron this morning to give their best. Following the pre-game gut check, many of the group gathered at the shovel flag to kick off the festivities. The PAX waded off of public land and back to familiar territory for a good beat down.


Mosey around the baseball field and north along Pouncey Tract Road to end up on the hill near the old schoolhouse


Crab Cakes x16

Merkins x12

Imperial Walkers x21

Alabama Ass Kickers x8

Copperhead Squats x16


Take a jog over to Striker Park. Heed J-ville’s warning that it is indeed not public property, and down the gravel road almost to the back of the park.

Turn around and do Blimps x2. Pick up @Chum Bucket along the way. Al Gore when finished until all PAX are complete.

Mosey back to the baseline of the main field next to the school. @Wilson magically appears.

The Beast (Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Squats, Freddie Mercuries, Russian Soldiers, Squat Jumps or Burpees)



T-claps to @Wilson for double-dipping after Dogpile. Sounds like @Orville had some pretty hefty coffee & donuts to serve.

Debate wages on about renaming rights and convention. Toga/Stifler’s Mom is currently in a full-fledged identity crisis, and has indicated that a new name for Fudd is potentially upcoming. The PAX eagerly awaits the ensuing naming wars.

Is anyone confident they avoided all gifts left by geese on that main field…? YHC certainly isn’t 100% sure.

Thanks to the PAX for pushing & encouraging each other every time we are out there. Coming in today only a few days after a tough stomach bug, there was more than one point when YHC thought Q duties might be better handed off for the rest of the workout, but seeing other men pushing through themselves brought new energy. It is quite amazing what we can do when pushing one another. Iron sharpening iron, brothers, in a way that YHC really hadn’t considered previously.



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  1. There is no identity crisis. Thankfully Bleeder pointed out that OBT named me and was Q that day, so it’s up to him. It just needs to be noted that I was Q and named Fudd, nuf said. It’s also rumored that DK started this school girl thing, and he didn’t post for either workout this morning. That could prove interesting at a later workout.

  2. thanks for clarifying

    And good workout, men! Good prep for the upcoming week. If anyone remembers the 6th exercise of the Beast please post it…

  3. Great Q (at least the second half) Loose Goose! I am still questioning my decision making. Was NOT expecting the beast. I immediately went to the courts for some suicides………good job keeping it fresh!

  4. Toga/Stifler’s Mom, it was pointed out at our Friday evening 2nd F that you had not posted for a while…that your attendance was as consistent as Stifler’s Mom’s attendance this past week…and the conversation snowballed from there. I suggested that F3 names can be changed. That was me. Definitely. I’m more of a fan of fixing the problem…not fixing the blame…for these kinds of things…especially since it was the 2nd F PAX that was fully on board with a name swap. Of course, it was also mentioned that what happens at Fudd’s house, stays at Fudd’s house…but you know how that goes. At least the pizza was meat on meat. Cheers for that, Bleeder!

  5. @DK, Fudd called me Saturday morning needing help on a business school project. Needless to say, he was willing to throw anyone under the bus to get the help he needed at the time. Make a note that he may fold under serious interrogation.