Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

She’s a Brick….HOUSE!!



7 Faithful posted for a wet beatdown at MOM this AM.

The Thang

Everyone carries two bricks. Mosey to the front of the school for warm up.

-SSH x 20
-LBC’s x 20
-Don Quixote x 20
-Merkins on bricks x 15
-Hello Dollies x 20

Mosey to the Soccer Fields for the BEAST with Bricks. Every exercise done with bricks in hand:

-Deep Squats
-WWII sit-ups
-Lateral raise to fly/press
-Curl to overhead press
-Squat jumps

Mosey to tennis courts for some Mary:

-Lay flat, put both bricks on legs close to feet….hold feet 6 inches off the ground for the duration of the Hero song, sung by Fudd and TYA.
-Merkins on bricks alternating with raising right hand (w/brick) at the same time as the left leg, then a merkin, then raise left brick while raising right leg. x 10 on own
-Bricks on legs, 6 inches in air for another rendition of Heroes
-20 LBC’s in cadence, with bricks held beside head

Mosey to baseline for bolts with bricks:
-100% to the cars


TYA remarked during the Beast that Toga would be upset that he missed this beat down. YHC ventured that I seriously doubted that, since he was on a cruise ship somewhere, no doubt with a cocktail in hand….(#its5oclocksomewhere). Bleeder countered by saying he was stuck on 95 somewhere. If that’s the case then, yes TYA, I bet he wishes he had been there.

The PAX noted that the bricks felt light at the start of each exercise, and got progressively heavier as we moved through each exercise. This is a highly scientific process called “weakness leaving the body” and it involves PAIN!!!! YHC was impressed with the PAX today. They are starting to eat the PAIN for breakfast and ask for seconds!!


-Burgers and beers (or Glenlivet or some old beer) at Fudd’s house tomorrow night. 7102 Pinetree Rd. Come whenever. If you get there before I get home from work there is a zip line in the backyard. Weight limit is 250 lbs.

-Earth day run on April 18th. How many times have we announced this??

-TYA having a different kinda of Run tomorrow come check it out!
-Orville is Q somewhere on Sat, the other place doesn’t have a Q yet. Clear?

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  1. Hell yeah shes a brick house !
    Great Q Fudd – way to bring it!Great way to begin the day…
    What – Zip line, beers, burgers – can we start now ……

  2. Come on over Swirley! I’ve got a couple of 9 month old Miller Lites with your name on em! Got to save a few for Bleeder though….I saw his eyes light up when I mentioned old Lites this AM!!

  3. Thanks Fudd, I’m more of a Newcastle guy but a 9 month old Lite is very tempting indeed…..
    Well I’m with Bleeder on that – I have to admit when you were describing Lites in the fridge after the workout this AM they sure did sound tasty – I perked up a bit myself …