Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This is not your Mama’s 10K


6 of the faithful and one FNG made it out on “Monument 10K Saturday” to get the blood flowing on what is hopefully the last Gridiron workout below 35 degrees until Oct/Nov. All were ready to take on the challenge, and the beat down commenced after the pre-game gut check, and after Loose Goose showed up a full minute late (appropriately ridiculed) to kick things off.


>>Trot toward the baseball field with a clear warning from Earthworm that it was well-soaked from the previous days’ rain. In-game adjustment to stay off of the field and go around it to the small hill outside of the center field fence

>>Circle of Pain
– SSH x 25
– Merkins x 10
– LBCs x 20
– Imperial Walkers x15
– Slow Squats x 25

>>Take a brisk stroll north on the path along Pouncey Tract Rd. to Striker Park’s front field. Thankfully no over-zealous preseason (pregame?) practicers to keep the PAX from utilizing the nice, dry turf.

>>Four Corners
Run to corner do 10 burpees
run to next corner do 20 lbcs
run to next corner do 10 merkins
run to next corner do 20 ww2 situps
Plank when finished

Run to corner do 20 burpees
run to next corner do 30 lbcs
run to next corner do 20 merkins
run to next corner do 30 ww2 situps

>>Mosey to the back of the school to the tennis courts

>>Tennis court fun
Suicides! Touch far side line of each court.
Plank when finished
Run to half court, then back to baseline, then to end line, then back to baseline. Do 7 Freddie Mercuries at each stop.
Plank when finished
Suicides again! This time do 7 LBCs at each stop

>>Light jog to bleachers at baseball field near school

>>Triple Check
Partner 1 dips
Partner 2 plank
Partner 3 run around bus loop & back

>>Head back to where the shovel flag is supposed to be



Prior to the workout, several of the PAX met for about 20 minutes to continue discussions on leadership qualities. This time, they focused on the life and leadership of Joshua, who spent forty years serving as Moses’ assistant, who urged his people not to fear the Canaanites despite reports or their strength, great size, and impenetrable fortifications, and who rose to be one of the bible’s, and perhaps ancient history’s, most successful generals

T-claps to @Leprechaun on his first post. It’s not often that a FNG comes and sets the pace.

IHC had intentionally stolen the Four Corners section from @Lug Nut’s 1/13/15 NoToll Q, with the intention of PAY BACK from one of the hardest F3 Richmond workouts in memory. Of course, @Lug Nut was not in attenance on this fine morning and it didn’t work out that way. Incidentally, the “rinse & repeat +5 on each corner” for each of the iterations was somehow forgotten. Pray tell, what might happen if @Lug Nut shows up next week when Loose Goose is Q again?

@Chum Bucket and @Wilson did double duty, showing up after coffee & donuts at #Dogpile. Way to work hard, fellas!

In being slightly late, IHC did not realize that no shovel flag was planted until well afterward. Not to happen again!

Conversation at the local coffeeteria post-workout yielded use by Wilson of a new word — “kaloodle-ing.” As in, “I used an old #Weinke at Source of Truth on Wednesday and it did not work out well. @Bleeder let me hear about it, and @TYA was kaloodle-ing with him.” Huh?


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  1. Good job, fellas! My apologies for going a few minutes over, I promise to end on time next week and going forward!