Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Towering Inferno


DogPile this Saturday was lightly attended, but the PAX there acquitted themselves nicely.

The Thang:

Mosey around circle twice to warm-up in the center: 10 burpees, 10 diamonds, 20 split jumps, 20 rosalitas

Mosey to pull-up bars for 8 pull-ups, 16 merkins, 24 squats: 3x

Mosey to Carillon for “The Towering Inferno:” PAX partners up and ascends the stairs to start wheelbarrow to other side, run down, and then the wheelbarrow carries his partner to the planters in front of the Carillon.  The same person is the wheelbarrow and mule for 4 reps then flapjack (yeah, that sucked a bit).

Mosey to bowl behind amphitheater for Jacob’s ladder using burpees (little to no mumble chatter and a smoked looking PAX)

Mosey inside amphitheater for 4 minute’ish AMRAP box jumbs up the stone seats

Wallcrawlers around theater to the right then left

25 OYO leg raises with legs over the seats and full range of motion

Another 4 minute’ish AMRAP running the amphitheater seats

Mosey to flag for COT:


YHC has a confession to make.  The name o’rama and number o’rama were totally skipped.  YHC knew something was off but the preceding 60 minutes allowed a  bit of brain fog to settle in.  At least we kept the COT.  There may have been some testers in this workout, and YHC thinks most will agree except for Orville, #LarryBird, who treated it like another day at the office.

We may have found a way to fix our math problem.  You explain things to Fudd and make him read it back to you for verification.  The number of pull-ups, merkins, and squats were never asked again.

I’m looking forward to hearing some blistering times from the F3 crew that was crazy enough to complete the traffic jam that is the Monument Ave 10k.  Let’s see some posts!


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  1. Toga – killer Q! Jacobs ladder my butt! More like Jacobs 1/2 pipe! Good way to start the day!