Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Love Hill.., Again


Six posted for a beautiful morning in sunny Richmond.., at least it was when the sun came up later in the day.  Here’s the drill:

Warm-up. 10x up and down Carillon steps, 15 don Quixote, 10 clerkins, 15 hill billies, 10 sit-ups

Mosey to pull-ups bars for:
6 pull-ups, 8 squat jumps, 8 full extensions: 4x
8 body rows, 8 sit-ups, 8 marching planks (2 count): 4x
8 knees to elbows, 8 diamonds, 8 sprinters (2 count): 4x

Mosey to bottom of Love Hill for alternating lunges, walkout push-ups, and bear crawls while your partner runs up and back down the hill.  Keep the distance achieved by your partner and flapjack till both are at the top of the hill.

Moleskin: Math continued to be a regular discussion point over at the pull-up bars.  2 count marching planks appeared to be akin to splitting the atom for some.  YHC told the PAX before we got going that this would not be run intensive due to the amount of run focused workouts doled out by other Qs this week.  To look good in a toga you gotta work the whole body, so you’re welcome!

It should also be noted that Pelosi and YHC remain undefeated on Love Hill (2-0).  Now, I know some people will say this is rigged since the exercises came from me.  Don’t be a hater!  Just bask in the glow that is our domination.


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