Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Questionable Calls


Nine of Richmond’s finest tackled Byrd Park with a fairly constant rain their faces.  Fun was had by all, and here’s how it went down:

Mosey up Carillon stairs and back to circle
CoP: 25 ssh, 15 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 15 leg raises

Mosey to stairs for 3x, run to top of stairs, 5 burpees, run down, 10 hand release push-ups

3x run to top, 5 burpees, run down, 5 diamonds

3x run to top, 10 mtn climbers, run down, 10 dollys

Mosey to bowl behind amphitheater for Jacob’s ladder, bear crawl up sides and do 1 burpee, run down and bear crawl up far side for 2 burpees, … Repeat to 7 burpees

Mosey inside amphitheater for amrap: box jumps up, 5 derkins at each step coming back down

Indian run up and down steps in amphitheater


Welcome Deuce and a Half (Fudd will need to remind YHC why he chose that) to his first workout on what was not the most inviting of mornings.  The PAX quickly got over the question of getting wet with the full merkins at the foot of the Carillon, and everyone moved with efficient F3 FEBA after that.  It also turns out that Fudd likes top 40 and wants to share that with the PAX when he’s got a certain tune stuck in his head.  An extra lap around the Carillon just for him still didn’t fix that.

YHC had Jacob’s Ladder in mind for at least 3 previous workouts, but it was always too icy on the hill behind the amphitheater.., not so for this workout.  We finally got to do it, and there was no mumble chatter to be heard.  That sounds like something to be repeated often!

Now for the questionable choices.., it turns out that an 8 minute AMRAP doesn’t work well with the box jumps and derkins in the amphitheater.  We will adjust the exercise choice appropriately.  The indian run around the amphitheater was also a bit shaky as wet steps and lack of good places to pass will take that endeavor back to the drawing board.


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  1. Great Q Toga. I’m still singing Starships were meant to flyyyyyyy… Thanks alot Fudd.