Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunny, 70 & Snow!


8 Faithful posted this morning, all of whom arrived via a GM 4X4,  A nice 6″ layer of Snow covered the Big Ball.


Bleeder Q

Mosey to COP beyond the Gate

15X Snow Angels



15X Don Quixote

20X Hillbilly’s

Mosey Back to  Parking Lot

Triple Check

One man Plank,  One Man LBC, One snow Shovel a Parking Spot,  and Switch.  Three parking spots to Clear


Mosey to Basketball Courts

Triple Check

One man Plank, One Snow shovel a path,  One Man Suicide,

Repeat with Shuffle

Six Minutes of Mary- Dealers Choice

LBC, Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Toe Reach, and Superman



LugNut was first to arrive in the AO with his GM 4X4,  He noticed that someone had been doing Donuts in the Parking lot,  It looked like it had been performed by someone who had some serious driving skill.  TYA, PELE, and YHC arrived in the next GM 4X4, followed shortly by Fudd, Pelosi 5-0 and Toga in the next GM 4X4.  Brain Tumor came in hot in his GM 4X4 just before post time.

The Pre-Workout discussion centered around the ability to arrive at the AO with a 4X4.  It was noted that in the Carolina’s, some groups opted for Self-Qing when inclement weather struck,  I don’t think the RVA nomads are advanced enough for that type of procedure, TYA made some suggestions on the possibility of a Self-Qing process.  There was further discussion about why AO’s were supposed to be close to your home.  YHC is not sure anyone who posted lives very close to our AO today,  but it was just fun trying to get there in the White Gloom.

As we gathered, TYA and YHC stepped up to Q.  It was noted that the Google Spreadsheet needs more Qs to sign up.  SO PLEASE SIGN UP > OTHERWISE THE BEAT DOWNS BECOME BRUTAL!   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dx2qsu9vXun_NFgeD0GDKwQ6G2f5a-AKQq4IYk2eAJY/edit?pli=1#gid=1811996962

LugNut and TYA both donned running shoes, while the rest of the PAX wore boots.  TYA commented that his feet were could after the workout,  6″ of snow will do that with running shoes;  Lug Nut did opt for sweatpants today versus his normal shorts.

We were the first PAX to ever start a COP with snow angels in Virginia,  most of the PAX pointed out that snow angels were just SSH on the ground.  YHC had some prior thoughts to that,  the resistance on the Snow was heavier than I had planed.

As we moved to the first Triple check and picked up the snow shovels,  Somehow the strongest group ended up with TYA’s “super” snow shovel and completed clearing their parking spots in rapid pace.  Pele realized removing his snow from one parking spot, he could easier deposit it in LugNut’s parking spot.  Lug Nut appreciated the additional effort.

Moseying to the Basketball Courts,  continuing the Snow Removal Theme.  TYA created what felt like an ice hockey rink surface as snow was removed from the runners path.  Brain Tumor commented the runner on the path could run, just not stop.  Suicides with snow on the ground were less basketball oriented and more Ice Hockey focused.  With a few minutes left in the Session,  YHC employed his remote start for his 4X4 to get the defrosting process rolling.  Brain Tumor and Lugnut assumed YHC had his portion of the triple check in the Truck.

Workouts for the rest of the Week

Wed Swift Creek Middle 0530  NEW AO  LUGNUT ON Q

Thur Mary Munford 0530

Fri Mary Munford 0530 –RUN

Sat Dogwood Dell 0600

Sat Pouncey Tract 0700




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  1. Who knew that shoveling snow could be so much fun? We may have stumbled upon the next late night exercise DVD craze!

  2. Johnsonville & I agreed that one of us needed to trade up for a 4×4 during our pillow talk this morning.

  3. I thought the reason I had kids was to no longer shovel snow, I WAS WRONG! Great job taking advantage of the conditions.

  4. Who knew the PAX 4×4 owners were unaware of 4×4 ownership protocol! ALWAYS pick up the front wheel drivers for a winter beat down! The fartsack took care of me just fine!