Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One chaser eats the other goes hungry!


The weather man said it was 18 degrees and windy with a wind chill of 8, but the PAX all agreed that it was 70 and Sunny.  The PAX was four strong for today’s run in the Gloom in RVA.  All Friday run veterans

The Thang:

Fox Chase round X.  Two routes, the foxes (Swirly and Bleeder), take a lap around the school, then head out to Grove.  The chasers (Fudd and TYA), head to Grove, turn right until they reach Hamilton, turn around and the chase is on.  Everyone then runs to Grove and Three Chopt, turns around and runs around the school and back to the shovel flag.


Swirly hasn’t missed an F3 workout in Richmond since the Great Depression (same year as TYA was born).  He continues to impress, getting stronger and stronger everyday.

The day was won by Fudd today.  He started at a slow saunter with TYA and then ramped things up once we hit the turnaround point at Hamilton.  He caught the foxes a half mile or so after the turnaround at Three Chopt.  I think we need a fox for Fudd next time.  Maybe Conspiracy or Orville.  I also would like to see a race between Fudd and Toga.  Still not sure who I would bet on, but out of pure principle, I would go with Fudd.

TYA did his best to chase down the two foxes at the end of the run, but ended up about 50 yards shy of the goal.  He saw the group turn at the school and turned on his afterburners (if you could call them that).  Although he made up most of the distance, Bleeder and Swirly made it to the shovel flag first.

Very little second F after today’s run.  The wind and slight chill in the air left us all wanting to get back to the comfort of our vehicles (and eventually our homes) as quickly as possible.

Swirly and Bleeder had a spirited conversation for the first mile or so.  Topics discussed included the North Carolina driving tests and F3 RVA T-Shirt design.  Bleeder commented that three weeks ago, he would have been incapable of holding any kind of conversation on during a run.  Progress!


See you in the Gloom next week.


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  1. Gotta make it out to one of those runs! Sounds like fun! Having conversations during the run? TYA, Wilson expects more from you. Bring the beatdown! LOL

  2. Having run the Turkey Trot with Fudd, I can tell you that he is faster. Everyone needs one thing they are good at, and I can’t discuss mine in this forum.