Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Daily Double


14 Faithful posted this AM in the Gloom,  the warm glow of the light from JBL speaker across the Field made it feel Sunny and 70.


Mosey around Mary Munford to COP

20x SSH 15x Mountain Climbers 20X LBC 20X Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Bleeder Wind Sprints 50% down and back , repeat at 70%, 100% down, Repeat

Mosey to the Tree Line for double 11’s

11 — Burpee, LBC, run back to Tree line, Repeat 11 with LBC, Rosalita

Mosey to Center to Field

Push O Rama

Merkins, Werkins, Merkins, Finger-Tip, Diamond Push-ups

Mosey back to SF

Six Minutes of Mary, LBC, Hello Dollys, Freddie Mercury

Superman 2x through

Plank off

Two minutes Regular, then Drop to Elbows



A quiet group this morning, the thought that it was Sunny and 70 was internally focused as the PAX gathered. Toga and Pucker were LIFOing, they caught the PAX well before the first COP hit it’s Stride. Chum Bucket was not wearing his traditional Capri Pants from Tuesday’s Wedding Singer beat down, I think the weather must have been “worse” today or maybe the wash cycle on capri’s is only weekly. YHC noted that the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal wears capri’s frequently;  John McEnroe has been the only one to negatively comment.

Heading to the Tennis Courts,  between the sets of Bleeder Sprints, kudos to Lug Nut’s daughter for passing her Driving test the First time,  YHC is sure that she has inherited some of Lug Nut’s driving Skill.  It was noted that OBT had some difficulty with the North Carolina driving test; that course is probably not offered at Harvard, or perhaps the NASCAR section of the test is more challenging for the non-racer. YHC is certain that if the test sections had included T-shirt design delivery or a section on Hybrid drive technology, OBT would have passed the exam with flying colors.

As the PAX moseyed to the Field, the PAX noticed/heard the illuminated JBL speaker,  some of the PAX headed toward the light.  The PAX was then diverted to the Tree Line for some double 11’s. YHC needed someone extra motivation during the double 11’s,(and if the songs stopped,  good luck finding my phone on a dark open field.)

With the PAX on high Volume for Superman,  several sounds of laughter came from the group of Tomatoes that were also in the AO this morning.

THE Scream is continuing his mental prep of the F3 RVA logo.  Loose Goose and Toga, both, asked if the design was in the Mental Imagery phase or Mental Construction phase.  Either would be considered Progress.  A paint by numbers design has been performed,  however, it will only be displayed in private,  The Scream wondered if once his Art gallery show was done, he should be able to execute on the Design Project and move it from Mental to the Physical form.

The PAX is looking forward to launching our 6th workout next week at Swift Creek Middle school.  Lug Nut is Qing!  Who in the PAX can hit all 6 next week,  It will be a lot of Driving and Sweating,  all you need is a Positive Attitude(& a Valid Driving License)

Next Workouts

Mary Munford RAMM Friday  0530-0615 Run

Byrd Park/ Dogwood Dell Dogpile Saturday 0600-0700

Pouncey Tract Gridiron Saturday 0700-0800

Huguenot Park (Southside) NoToll Tuesday 0530-0615

Swift Creek Middle (Soon to be named/ a name all will look up to)  Wednesday 0530-0615

Hump Day Happy Hour American Tap House Wednesday 1800 til?



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