Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My Bloody Valentine


Eleven of the faithful attended Wedding Singer’s virgin Q in the rainy, sneety (sleet and rain per Toga) weather at Huguenot Park. TYA planted the flag, that may or may not have fallen over, mere speculation, near the basketball court.

The Thang:

Mosey to entrance of park. Disclaimer.

25 Side Straddle Hops

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Little Baby Crunches

20 Don Quixote

Mosey to basketball court.

Mercutio’s Nightmare

Double suicide with Burpees at each touch of the starting baseline

Single suicide lunges on the way down, run on the way back

Double suicide running forward down the court, and running backwards back to the baseline.

Mosey to far parking lot.

Burpee/Merkin 8 count. Increasing merkins by 1 on each burpee up to 8 total and then back down to 1.

Mosey to a slopping wet soccer field for triple check – run, plank, leg ups on bleacher. Three times through.

Mosey back to parking lot for four corners – 10 count burpees, werkins, ball dippers, slow bending squat.

Mosey to SF


The Moleskin:

Perhaps one of the worst weather workouts in the gloom yet, but the PAX still pulled through with double digit numbers. During the warm up, laughs were abundant amidst the torrential weather coming down upon us. With his hoodie over his ears, virgin Q Wedding Singer assumed the laughter was directed towards himself, perhaps his cadence. The matter was quickly revealed though to the chagrin of Chum Bucket for wearing what appears to be capris. Leave no man behind, leave no man donning capri workout pants unattested.

Mercutio’s Nightmare – new workout for the crew. In honor or Valentine’s Day week, and based up upon the Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio’s Nightmare is a double suicide with exercises filtered in.

Thanks for attending everyone, looking forward to the next Q.

-Wedding Singer


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  1. Great virgin Q @Wedding Singer! Glad to have you in the rotation. Triple check on the soccer field included quite the swamp run!

  2. I am bummed I missed out on that workout. I was driving to the airport at 5:30 and was actually upset I did not get to do LBC’s in the wet/muddy gloom! #hookedonF3! Sounds like @weddingsinger brought the pain. Looking forward to Saturday’s workout(s)!

  3. Sorry I missed your VQ, Wedding Singer. Love the Romeo & Juliet theme.
    Single parenthood is limiting my F3 availability…thankfully it’s temporary.

  4. Let there be no doubt about the capris pants. Chum Bucket decided those would be appropriate for a morning sashay through the gloom. It should also be noted that he is the one who called them “capris.”