Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Free Hugs @ #dogpile!


Seven men posted for a solid workout at #dogpile!

The Thang:

Mosey around the VITA track at a good pace to warm up.

10 Merkans while waiting! Could not just do the regular plank!

COT – Disclaimer

30 SSH, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Merkans

Mosey to Carillon stairs.

Run stairs – Circle w/ 10 Imperial walkers at landing (5 each leg)

Quick mosey to grassy area

6 Minutes of Mary

20 Dollies, 30 LBC, 30 Freddie Mercury, 20 Rosalita, 10 seated twists, 10 up & ups & **new exercise** 10 cross leg lifts

Mosey to pull up bars

10 Pull ups, 10 dips, 10 deep squats (with Conspiracy disclaimer for good form!), & 10 Merkans! 3 sets

Mosey to theater seats

Box jumps

Up – Jump every step

Down – Derkan & SSH (every other step

Up – Jump every step (every other 10 incline merkans)

FNG forgot sweatshirt at bottom……………….so we ALL went back.

Ran the stairs to finish workout!



The one time YHC thought it was safe to start 30 seconds early…………………….the FNG had to catch up! Lesson learned.

Solid performance by the PAX. A little winded after the stairs! 6 minutes of Mary was tough and heard a lot of groaning (Q got smoked)! No breaks between exercises!

Box jumps were new and exciting.  A lot of possibilities there! Funny that as we were doing these the 6 minutes of Mary seemed easy! Who thought an incline Mercan could be so damn difficult!

The end is where it got awkward………………….Brain Tumors fault. He EH’d FNG – Huggie!

Everyone got hugs…………..YUP you read that right! BRO HUGS!

All kidding aside Huggie is in mad good shape and will like push all of us to move a bit quicker!

After a solid finish Oyster & Wilson took the Loose Goose challenge and decided to see what he was bringing.

Yeah…………..we got smoked right at the end!


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  1. Good thing I had other obligations and couldn’t make the Gridiron. My upper body is rocked, and the box jump finish was solid. Nice work, Wilson. And you know you needed that bro hug!