Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Full Metal Block


17 posted in the gloom on a pleasant Thursday morning, It felt like it was 70 and Sunny;  All were ready for Swirly’s VirginQ


Mosey with Blocks to middle of Field


20X SSH, 15X Don Quoxite, 10X Imperial Walkers, 10X Burpees, 10X Merkins,

Mosey across the Field with Blocks

Line up on the end line,

Run to the Tree line with Block,  10x Curls,  and back, 10X Curls

Run to the Tree line with Block, 10x dips, and back, 10x dips

Run to the Tree line with Block, 10x overhead press, and back,  10x overhead Press,

Run to the Tree line with Block, 10x Bench Press Block, and  back, 10x Bench Press Block

Run to the Tree line with Block, 10x Curls, and back, 10X Curls

Suicide Set in Pairs

2x 30x Incline Merkins and Suicide,

Mosey back to Shovel Flag



TClaps to Swirly for VQ,  a serious beatdown for the VQ.  Swirly credits his first workout was with blocks(THANKS LOOSE GOOSE!) Swirly wanted to repeat it.

Patriots Gear was seen on YHC(Repaying of bet with TYA), and on TYA’s hybrid.  Wedding Singer continued the Super Bowl Celebration displaying his own Patriots Equipment.

Many techniques were used in the carrying of the Block today,  Most popular seemed to be the over the Shoulder,  or the one handed move.  A few found clutching it the chest made it feel more rifle like,  Full Metal Jacket references abound,  “This is my Block,  there are many like it, but this one is mine.”

Pelosi 5-0 challenged Lug Nut to s sprint toward the end of the Suicide.  Not so surprising,  he did catch and pass Lug Nut. Lug Nut is looking forward to being on a race track this weekend,  not many can pass him on actual racetrack.

The Wilson’s Wife reference was at some point around the #SF.  To his credit,  it was actually brought up by Wilson himself this morning.

Ricky Bobby’s engine was heard thundering down Cary Street Road around 6:05,  Lug Nut, YHC will be catching up with the Race Car Hauler later on today, en route to Road Atlanta for some automotive CSAUP.   The F3 Logo has been installed on the car,  I am certain the car will make it to a workout at some point;  It is slightly heavier than a Cement Block. Lug Nut has the scale data to prove it.

A reverse Headlock occurred this morning Post-COT,  F3 Business cards were handed out,  The soon to be FNG appeared interested and may appear for the Friday run.  We continue to draw interest around Mary Munford.

Next Workouts

Friday Mary Munford(RAMM)  0530

Saturday Byrd Park/Dogwood Dell (DogPile) 0600

Saturday Pouncey Tract Park (Gridiron) 0700

Tuesday Huguenot Park (noToll) 0530







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  1. The PAX did a heck of a job today. Excellent work – well done fella’s.. Great turnout this morning too – let’s keep it up!

  2. Great work Swirly! That was fun, and I know many like me didn’t see it coming. We’ll be looking for more creativity in the near future.

  3. @Swirly – you set a high bar. Not only for the creativity, but for the level of beatdown. Well done!