Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Low Temps and High Reps at #dogpile


Six of the Faithful posted for #dogpile in the 19ish degree darkness.  Toga plated a the SF in the parking area, and Jville took the Q.


Mosey to and around 1500m Vita course, and back to chinup bars behind the Carillon staying as a group (~1.25 mi. overall).

10 pull-ups OYO
COP for 20 Merkins
COP for 30 Air Squats

Rinse and repeat 9 additional times.

Mosey through parking area, down to pumphouse, and back up the hill behind Carillon to Dogwood Dell.  Make several loops up the Dogwood Dell stairs, and back to SF.  (~1 mi. overall).



There were some smoked people toward the end of the 10 sets.  Although the F3Richmond PAX is getting much stronger, it has lacked good pull-up facilities until the recent addition of #dogpile.  We made up some lost ground today.  Good job men!




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  1. Cheers to Wilson for using his knees to bounce me up to finish my pull-up sets as he spotted me. Everything hurts.

    I finally witnessed my first J-ville EH’ing a stranger. I’m pretty sure that dude soiled his drawers when he realized he was outnumbered.

  2. Johnsonville did get in a good EH on that runner. At coffee they were joking about how J-ville commented on his mouth. I totally missed that……probably because I was dying trying to keep up with Consiracy up the hill. The stop to EH was MUCH needed. Conspiracy JUST had to comment that he was going at the hill easy……………….SHOOT ME! Game on!