Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Foxes Survive!


Six faithful and one FRNG (Friday Run New Guy) posted on a balmy January morning in the RVA.   Actual temperature was 40 degrees, but because we have become accustomed to lower temps, it seemed like it was a little too hot out for a run!

The Thang:

Pax run to corner of Commonwealth and Grove.  Foxes (Bleeder, Swirly, and Lugnut) take a left onto Grove.  Chasers (TYA, Fudd, The Scream, and Brain Tumor) take a right onto Grove.  Chasers run to corner of Hamilton and Grove and turn back….and the chase begins.  All run to the corner of Grove and Three Chopt, turn back, run to corner of Westmoreland and Grove, then one lap around the school and finish up at the shovel flag.

The Moleskin:

Fudd, our Friday Run New Guy, was looking forward to the Fox chase.  He was really disappointed when he found out that Swirly, Bleeder and Lugnut were the foxes.  He thought we would have some young coeds from either VCU or UR as the foxes that we would be chasing.   Oops, sorry for the misunderstanding Fudd… maybe next time we will try to get a group more worthy of the “fox” term.

The foxes won the day today.  A very impressive performance!!!  They improved their per mile pace by nearly a minute and a half over two weeks ago.  This made it very difficult for the chasers to catch the foxes…. in the end, despite Fudd’s best kick, none of the foxes were caught.   Maybe next time….

Lots of mumblechatter during the runs now.   PAX is getting much fitter week by week.  Great work men.


Saturday “Dogpile” workout at 6 am at Dogwood Dell

Saturday “GridIRon” workout at 7am at Pouncey Tract Park

Tuesday #notoll at Hugenot park 530 am

Thursday 45 Minutes of Mary 530am at Mary Munford

Friday RAMM, 530am at Mary Munford

Hard commits for the Rugged Maniac to Johnsonville.  Also, send your emergency contact information to Johnsonville.



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  1. I’m thrilled that the foxes were able to survive this time – we gotta keep it up,Great run fella’s!

  2. Really impressive showing by the foxes, especially considering Fudd seemed to have it in overdrive at the end.