Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

RIC Blockhenge


14 faithful & strong men showed up ready to jump into Richmond’s inaugural moving of the blocks at this morning’s 45 Minutes of Mary workout. All were up for the challenge, and some may have even named their block. The party got started after several efforts by Johnsonville to mimic (mock?) TYA’s special Side Straddle Hop technique. More please.


Head to the stack and grab a block, mosey over to the near soccer field with your block

A blockin’ COP:

Merkins x12

Block Curls x12

Flutter Kicks x20

Block Military Press x12

Block Lawnmower Pulls x6 (each side)

Mason Twist x21

Mosey around the tennis court to the far side

Line up on the baseline for 1/3-1/3-1/3 — run to start of second court & do 10 of allotted exercise, run to start of third court & do 10 of the allotted exercise, run to start of fourth court & do 10 of the allotted exercise, run to end of fourth court, touch baseline, sprint back and plank*. Allotted exercises:

#1: Squat Jumps

#2: Bicycles/Freddie Mercuries

#3: Clappin’ Merkins

*Lengthy planks with multiple versions in between iterations here

Take a scenic jog north along Westmoreland St, double back and settle in at the school wall by the basketball court

Triple Check — get in teams of 3 and rotate through each of the exercises 3x

Exercise 1: 1st time high step run down to fence & back, 2nd time butt-kicks down to fence & back, 3rd time sprint down to fence & back

Exercise 2: People’s chair (we all need a recovery exercise sometimes, right?)

Exercise 3: Alternating lunges in place

Another jog south along Westmoreland St, around the perimeter of the Soccer fields and back to our very own “Blockhenge” formation. Grab a block and a partner, head to baseline.

“There and Back Again” (no confusion here: this is indeed a shout-out to the upcoming release of the new Hobbit movie) — Partner 1 sprints to midfield and back while Partner 2 does the allotted exercise nonstop. Allotted exercises:

#1: Tricep Press (watch the sand from the blocks!)

#2: Block Swings

#3: Blocked Incline Merkins

#4: Block Curls

#5: Block Burpees (pushup on block, up & lift block over head, no jumps here)

2-3 MOM

Hello Dolly x20

LBCs x21s



Well done, men! This was a new workout with our new friends (the blocks) and everyone held their own quite admirably. The PAX seemed to like the variety, so this or perhaps kettle bells might need to become part of our regular repertoire for the RVA PAX.

T-claps and thanks to TYA and Bleeder for supplying the concrete and truck to move the blocks, respectively.

LG noticed that the Block Burpees weren’t quite as difficult as anticipated. Maybe next time the “There and Back Again” run for that exercise needs to be full length of fields.

Upcoming we have regular workouts on Friday 0530 run at Mary Munford, Saturday 0700 Gridiron, and Tuesday 0530 at Huguenot Park. And…

CSAUP** EVENT: 1st Annual F3 Richmond Holiday Brew Thru — 1800 on 12/17 at Strangeways Brewery. 3.4 mile run with stops 4 breweries along the way (beer consumption at any point is optional).

**see the F3 Lexicon for definitions


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  1. Clappin’ Merkins were loads of fun (definitely harder than I expected)… and it was great to hear groans and laughing at the words “Block Merkins” — I don’t believe a single person repeated those words when I announced it as the next exercise!

  2. Great job LG! This was a fun change, and I can confess to being one of those NOT repeating “Block Merkins” when the next exercise was announced, #Blerkins. If we can get the bricks back out there I think we can come up with all kinds of fun.

  3. @Toga too many Merkins on my brain… I meant to reference “Block Burpees” not “Block Merkins”

    I agree we should find a way to regularly incorporate blocks. Mary Munford doesn’t offer an ideal place to store them but I’m sure we could find a good place to stash them in the woods at one of our other AOs. I’m happy to chip in for cost of the blocks, they’re only $1.49 each

  4. Good work Loose Goose, I’m gonna feel it for a couple of days. Also, Toga, nice call out of TYA for the lack of high-steps and butt-kicks on the Triple Check! Good Times!!!